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Weekly Newsletter | November 21, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Greets, Salem Rotarians!

There are many wonderful things about Thanksgiving and this time of year. For me, it’s a time to reflect on the many things in my life to be thankful for: the blessings of liberty and the freedoms we have in this country; the bounty from our farms and fields which we will enjoy at the Thanksgiving table; the amazing beauty of living in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest; the blessings of my Faith, family and friends; and, life itself.
I am so thankful for Rotary and for you all, my fellow Salem Rotarians. I am blessed to serve with such a caring, loving, supportive, generous group of people who are dedicated to the well-being of their neighbors in this area and those around the world. I am humbled by your examples of work and support for those less fortunate than us. Together, we are working to fight polio, to bring clean drinking water to communities, to help at-risk children and families, and so much more. You all truly demonstrate that Rotary is “Making a Difference.”
Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 22 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Fellowship Event

Program Chair: Tammy Denee


Weekly Newsletter | November 14, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hello, Salem Rotarians!
Last week’s meeting was very informative giving us all keen insight into The Rotary Foundation during our month of focus on TRF.
Club past president Ron Keleman noted how his involvement with TRF started on a campaign to raise dollars for TRF locally as a club, then to his first Paul Harris Fellowship, which then led him on an amazing journey to understanding the breadth of difference Rotary and TRF makes in the lives of people in some of the most-impoverished areas of the world.  To paraphrase Ron, becoming a sustaining member in TRF, just a bit every month, can lead to a lot over the long-term.
We next saw special videos that brought us powerful messages and images of the different areas of focus that TRF gets involved with through donations of dollars and time: vaccinations against polio, Rotarian doctors from India operating on patients in Africa, micro-lending programs to help Honduran women start their own businesses to support themselves, and supporting and medically treating children in Africa who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. It’s truly amazing and humbling to see the impact that can be made by combining the time, treasure, and talents of nearly two million Rotarians around the world.
You, too, can help out and do your part – whether that is a large or modest gift, becoming a monthly sustainer, or just bringing a $10 bill to this week’s meeting. Let’s all pitch in and become a 100% club!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 15 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Laura Lindholm, Argentina Exchange Experience

A year ago, Lauren Lindholm was starting her junior year of high school, not with her South Salem High School classmates, but as a Rotary Exchange Student in Argentina. Lauren will recount her adventures during her year representing Rotary and the United States in South America.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Weekly Newsletter | November 7, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, Salem Rotarians!

November is “The Rotary Foundation” month and thanks to our local TRF Chair, Claudia Vorse, for kicking things off at last week’s meeting. TRF is over 100 years old and has transformed around $3 billion into life-changing, sustainable projects.

How does TRF use your donation? Here are just a few examples:
-With the combined efforts of over 35,000 Rotary Clubs around the world, we’ve been able to come within 99.99 percent of wiping out polio!
-On projects like these which the Rotary Club of Salem has been involved: Training future peacemakers (like Ahmad Mohibbi who we supported as he went through his Rotary Peace Scholar program) and supporting clean water projects (like the ones we’re supporting in Haiti).
Donations to TRF can help save lives and make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

As Claudia said, our goal is to get every Rotarian involved as a supporter – not at the mega donation level – but whatever folks can afford. You could bring a $10 (or more) with you to Rotary this week to chip in and help out. (Fun fact: for every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2!)

I’ll see you at Rotary


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 8 – Creekside Dining Room at Salem Health

Program – Rotary Foundation Month

November is TRF month. This week we will hear from our own club member Ron Kelemen, and we will also watch a short video from RI.

Meeting Location – Our meeting will be held in the Creekside Dining Room at Salem Health. This is in Building D, along the creek, north of the Emergency Room building. Parking is available in the parking garage and some on street level. We will have someone at the door of Building D to direct you to the Dining Room.

Program Chair: Claudia Vorse

Weekly Newsletter | October 31, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Salutations, Salem Rotarians!

What an amazing program we had this past week. I’m sorry if you weren’t there but this was a good one:

First, Past President Barry Nelson gave the formal announcement of the name of our Centennial Project: Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater! What a great way to recognize and honor the leadership, time, and service of Gerry in Salem and across the entire State of Oregon. He has led the way on many projects and causes that have made a difference in the lives of so many. Gerry is Badge #1, joining our club in 1958, and is far from slowing down: at the age of 94, he’s at work on a new project: helping to lead the major remodeling of the Salem YMCA.

By the way . . . we’re off and running on the fundraising for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater. Stay tuned for details on our Good Works event, “Setting the Stage,” coming up Feb. 10, 2018! That will be an awesome gathering of fellowship, fun, and fundraising!

Second, club member and Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock educated us on the importance of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and their deployment in the Salem-Keizer area. This information could literally save a life. Chief Mike had a crew of Salem Firefighters and EMTs conduct a demonstration on a dummy just as if they were responding to an actual call. Be sure to download the “PulsePoint” app on your phone so you, too, can do your part when someone needs help.

Not able to make the meeting? Check out our online calendar at to see our upcoming programs.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 1 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Travel Salem

Maricela Guerrero, destination development manager for Travel Salem, will join us and fill us in on what Travel Salem is doing to promote all the great things there are to do in Salem.

Program Chair: Karen Lewis

Weekly Newsletter | October 24, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Aloha, Salem Rotarians!

History for me is a fascinating subject – looking back on events (some good, some pretty bad – so, lessons to learn) but also things going forward. Our recently-released 2017-2018 Club Directory (thanks to editor and publisher, Warren Bednarz!) the front cover had an item that caught my eye – “our 98th Year,” a reminder of our club’s history in this area.

Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, had a great observation: “Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves. Think of the people that came before us to lay the foundation of our club in Salem, the lives that have been touched over the years through Salem Rotarian support and work for good in this community as well as around the world – promoting peace, building water projects, and fighting polio. It’s humbling and makes me proud of you all and your support and work for this amazing organization.

As we prepare for our upcoming 100th Anniversary, I’m excited about our Centennial Stage Project at Riverfront Park.  Another milestone in our journey as Rotarians in Salem, this will be an outstanding contribution to the park, dovetailing with the Rotary Pavilion on the north end and the Rotary Playground on the south end next to the Carousel. Whether hosting concerts, speeches, plays, shows, or other events, lives will be touched and impacted through this new addition to this beautiful venue along the Willamette River in the heart of our city. Opening a new chapter for Rotary in Salem . . .

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting

October 25 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – The Public’s Role in Public Safety

The Salem Fire Department has created, with the help of its foundation, a fantastic new program to save lives. The program funds and places Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in sites and vehicles around the city. Citizens trained in use of the AED use it to revive heart attack victims. Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock will demonstrate an AED and describe the new Pulse Point App designed to alert trained citizens within one quarter mile of a victim. He will report on results and future developments. Don’t miss this!

Program Chair: Larry Gray

Weekly Newsletter | October 17, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Bonjour, Salem Rotarians!

The Rotary International website is a tremendous resource. If you haven’t visited it lately, head over there and see for yourself. One area to highlight is what we as Rotarians do and what Rotary does for each one of us. Connecting people, transforming communities, solving problems – Rotarians have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of many. Rotary . . . unites over a million persons around the world, engages us all in good works for the benefit of others, and solves problems on a local and global scale.

Through the Rotary Club of Salem website (an awesome site, too!), we connect in fellowship, have engaging programs, and can work through several avenues of service. It’s exciting for me to be inducting nearly a member a week this month! There are many people in our community that could benefit from membership in Rotary and that we could benefit from them being here. Be thinking about who in your circle would be a good fit to join Rotary. And invite them to check us out!

Key events for your calendar:

  • Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  We’ll need help on committees, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to this awesome event!
  • District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  As the Home Club of the District Governor, Renee Campbell, we also have the opportunity to host this year’s meeting. Please look for your chance to pitch in to help make a memorable meeting for our Rotary District!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 17 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – Congressman Kurt Schrader

It’s an understatement to say these are interesting times in our nation’s capital. Congressman Kurt Schrader will share his perspective about this session of Congress and the atmosphere that surrounds Washington, D.C.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Weekly Newsletter | October 10, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hola, Rotary Friends!
After joining the Rotary Club of Salem, there was a neat little brochure I found in my packet. Of the many nuggets in it is “The Benefits of Rotary” – which are significant:
  • It broadens your circle of friends and business associates;
  • It provides opportunities to serve your local and international community;
  • It creates a global kinship; and,
  • It develops leadership skills.
Our fellowship through Rotary is tremendous – broadening our sphere, serving others, being a part of a worldwide effort for goodwill, and developing ourselves. Keep on the lookout for others you think could enjoy these benefits by being a member of Rotary!
Outstanding recent happenings!
-SRF Chili Contest, “Don’t StopBelievin’!” What a fun evening of camaraderie, chili, and a concert! A great way to thank this past year’s donors and supporters that enable us to do Good Works in our community . . . and beyond! Hats off to Dawn Bostwick for her leadership putting this together! Thanks to those that attended and to our chefs – c’est magnifique!
-Rotary Triathlon of Salem. A great start for a new annual event, highlighting our natural area next to downtown, encouraging fitness, and establishing a great event for the future. Thanks to the army of Rotarians that came together to volunteer and participate. And high praise to John Shirley for his vision and leadership on this outstanding event! Thanks to our partners at South Salem Rotary for their collaboration and leadership – well done, Robert Chandler!
Key events for your calendar:
Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  You can help by serving on a committee, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to this awesome event!
-District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  We’re privileged this year to be the Home Club of the District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!
I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 11 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Vagabond Brewing


Come hear about Vagabond Brewing, a Salem craft brewery. Founded by three longtime friends and Marine Corps combat veterans, Vagabond is as much about beer as it is about love and family. After serving their country the better part of a decade during a time of war, the owners set out to find their path. Come here about where that path led.

Program Chair: Chuck Swank

Weekly Newsletter | October 3, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hallo, Rotary Friends!
You likely heard that our Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Project reached a key milestone as the BasketWeave design by CB|Two Architects was selected as the preferred design by the City Rotary Amphitheater Design Committee. Now it’s onto the Parks Board and then to the Salem City Council for final approval. This is an exciting moment in our club’s history!
Thanks to fellow Salem Rotarians and their firms for their generous donation of time, resources, and incredible designs: Anderson Shirley Architects, AC & Co. Architecture Community, and CB|Two Architects. Something I want to highlight from this process: the great examples by our members from these firms of “Service Above Self” as well as demonstrating their commitment to Rotary through the Four Way Test. Well done and thank you!
This past week, we heard from Good Works event Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee and Jenn Columbus about ways we can get involved with this year’s Good Works fundraising efforts. There’s a lot to do as we prepare for a successful event in February. Talk to Tammy, Jenn, or Chane Griggs to help out!
Be sure these events are on your schedule:
Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  Help by being on a committee, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to that awesome event!
District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  We’re privileged this year to be the Home Club of the District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!
I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 4 – Salem Convention Center
Program –  State of Foster Care in Marion County
We will discuss basic data about children in the foster care system, the trends driving the decrease in available foster homes, the top reasons for children coming into care, and most importantly, the myriad of ways the community can help care for OUR children.

Our speaker, Ormond Fredricks

District 3 Child Welfare Manager
Department of Human Services
Program Chair: Shaney Starr

Weekly Newsletter | September 26, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hi, dear Rotary Friends!

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise . . .” Another great declaration about what we Rotarians are about!

How are you serving? Have you found your niche? Or is it time for a new challenge? Well, Rotary Club of Salem (“A Club that gets things done!”) has several areas of service. . .
Rotary Triathlon of Salem, Sunday, Oct. 1. Our event leaders need more volunteers to help the morning of this race. Can you lend a hand? Please sign up here. We really you need you!
Interact and Rotaract. Two clubs for younger folks (high school, young pros) our club sponsors. We need folks to guide and mentor these groups of neat people. Please see Fara Etzel if you can lend a hand. Maybe this is your area!
-Rotary Blood Drive, Oct. 17. See Tim Nissen to register.
-Committees, committeesClick here for service opportunities. Your time and help in these areas of our club is appreciated!

Coming attractions for your volunteer schedule:
-Good Works event, Feb 10, 2018. As the City’s Selection Committee has made their decision on the Centennial Amphitheater Design, things continue to move forward on fundraising and event planning. You can help by serving on a committee and coming to what will be an amazing event!
-District 5100 Conference, Salem, May 17-20, 2018. We’re privileged and honored to be the Host Club for our District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!

DON’T FORGET . . .this month’s Bellringers are being enhanced by matching dollars from some of our fellow Salem Rotarians! It’s a great time to get yours at this week’s meeting!  Please get this week’s Bellringer information to Dale Penn at

See you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 27 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – Positive Coaching Alliance

Ben Dudley, of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) will tell us about his organization’s mission to transform the culture of youth sports so that kids can have a positive, character-building experience.

Founded at Stanford University, PC

A provides research-based training for leaders, coaches, parents and athletes that has reached almost 9 million kids. Ben Dudley is Executive Director of PCA’s Portland chapter.

Program Chair: Larry Gray


Weekly Newsletter | September 19, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hey Howdy Hey, Salem Rotarians!

It’s great to be a part of Rotary, isn’t it? This year’s theme declares, “Rotary, Making a Difference.” Through our own Salem Rotary Foundation, we are making a difference right here in our community. Earlier this year, SRF awarded grants for some pretty basic things that we’ll hear about this week – meds for low income people, encouragement for people with addiction issues trying to turn-around their lives, support for kids, and much more.  Touching lives in this way is quite humbling and makes me proud to be a Rotarian.

You all, through your generous donations, are the reason we’re able to make these awesome things happen . . . be that through Bellringers, buying raffle tickets at lunch, direct donations to SRF, including SRF in your Will, and coming to and buying a package (or two or three) at our annual Good Works event in February 2018. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

DON’T FORGET . . . this month’s Bellringers are being enhanced by matching dollars from some of our fellow Salem Rotarians! It’s a great time to get yours at this week’s meeting!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 20 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Salem Rotary Foundation

It’s Foundation Month and we’ll hear about our own Salem Rotary Foundation.

Program Chair: Doug Parham


Weekly Newsletter | September 12, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hiya, fellow Salem Rotarians!

I find tremendous refuge week in and week out at our Rotary meetings. Do you? I hope so. Be it the warm fellowship, the intriguing speakers and programs, the music and songs, hearing about the good news and activities in our community, or the opportunities for service. In these times of turmoil at home and abroad, with the huge number of natural disasters occurring, I pause, step back and give thanks. Thank you all for making our Rotary Club such a wonderful place to come to and be a part of!

One thing I want to highlight this week is something that is so special about Rotary: The Four-Way Test. Have you looked at it recently? It’s an incredible standard that not everyone in business and society adheres to.

“The Four-Way Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and Rotarians recite it at club meetings:
“Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

We can be proud of what we stand for and the good we do in Salem and around the world! I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 13 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Senator Jackie Winters
Senator Jackie Winters will provide her perspective on the recently concluded legislative session. A member of the Legislature since 1999, Sen. Winters is completing her fourth term in the State Senate representing citizens in a sprawling legislative district that includes many parts of Salem, West Salem and surrounding areas. Currently she holds the position as the Senate Chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety and also sits on the Ways and Means  Subcommittee on Human Services. A long time Salem resident, Senator Winters is a champion for small business and serves on the board of many non-profit organizations.

Weekly Newsletter | September 5, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Well, September has arrived – one of those transition periods during the year, as we move out of summer vacation months and into a new school year and fall sports.

September is also “Salem Rotary Foundation Month,” where we focus on the impact SRF has made in our community in the lives of children and adults. As a matter of fact, at this month’s meetings you’ll hear from amazing local organizations that have received our small grants, groups that benefited from our larger Good Works award, and then one we are presently working on – the Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage Project!

These projects only come about because of the generous donations from you and fellow club members to our own Salem Rotary Foundation which does amazing things in our community. As we traditionally do for SRF month, we all will have chance to kick in some extra during our weekly Bellringers – which will be enhanced by matching dollars from some generous Salem Rotarians! So, let’s pitch in a little (or a lot, if your finances permit) and combined, we can continue to make a difference in this community to benefit those that need help.

By the way, this week’s program about our Rotary Centennial Stage would be an ideal meeting to bring potential members you’ve been considering for membership in Rotary!

In re: support for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. If you’re interested in helping support relief efforts, there are many relief organizations out there, such as the American Red Cross, Shelter Box, or the Salvation Army. DG Renee Campbell forwarded info on how we as Salem Rotarians can support the Texas and Louisiana Rotary Districts in the areas hardest hit which have disaster relief funds set up for the longer-term rebuilding process when the waters recede:
“Our Zone newsletter published this article with the information on how you may donate directly to these district funds. To show our collective support in District 5100, we would be happy to collect your gifts at the District Office and send them to the respective funds. District 5100 will also be making a gift from our Rotary Foundation grant funds earmarked for disaster relief. I have personally talked with one of my classmates in Texas, who shared with me that each of these 501(c)3 funds has an application process and review committee for all requested funds for relief, so there is infrastructure in place, and accountability for the money spent.  Each will send the donor a receipt upon request (automatically for gifts of $250 or more).”

Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 6- Salem Convention Center
Program – Rotary Amphitheater Update
Club member Ken Van Osdol will provide us with updated information about our Centennial Project — the Amphitheater at Riverfront Park.

Weekly Newsletter | August 29, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hard to believe summer is winding down, isn’t it? And for those of us parents with kids at home, here’s to another school year kicking off next week!

Speaking of coming events, our next two meetings will focus on major projects our Rotary Club is involved with . . . and would be a great way to introduce people you’ve been thinking about for membership in Rotary:

-Rotary Triathlon of Salem. This Wednesday, August 30, we’re at the Rotary Pavilion for our annual Picnic in the Park. (The weather should be great, by the way!) We’ll get the latest details on the first annual Rotary Triathlon of Salem, occurring October 1 at Riverfront Park which we are co-sponsoring with South Salem Rotary. There are many volunteer spots to fill – can you help out for a few hours on October 1? Come this Wednesday and sign up to help. The planners have an amazing event set that will showcase our park, the two bridges, and our unique location along the Willamette River – and notably, be a great outreach to the community at-large about Rotary!

-Rotary Centennial Amphitheater stage. What an exciting project to celebrate the 100th Anniversary in 2020 of Rotary in Salem – a new stage at the Amphitheater in Riverfront Park! On September 6, you’ll get keen insight and updates on where things are at with this gift to the city that will be an amazing support to this community and help many local groups better utilize this high-visibility location.

Are these exciting and interesting programs or what? Invite people you’ve been talking with about joining Rotary and ask them to come. Let’s expand our circle of members and bring them in to Rotary Club of Salem.  Thanks for your help and we’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 30 – Rotary Pavilion at Riverfront Park
Program – Rotary Triathlon in Salem

Get the latest updates on the upcoming Rotary Triathlon in Salem!

Program Chair: John Shirley


Weekly Newsletter | August 22, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Amazing programs and projects – we have a lot going on in the Rotary Club of Salem!

Living in the Totality Path of the Solar Eclipse, did you take time on Monday to view this sight? Personally, I cannot find appropriate words to adequately describe it. How fortunate were we in the Salem area to be treated to this heavenly spectacle! I’m reminded of the outstanding preview we got in June from retired astrophysicist Dan Adamo. Thanks again to Linda Wooters for bringing Dan to speak to our club!

Engaging with weekly programs is great but I invite you to join these amazing projects our club is involved with – Rotary Triathlon of Salem, Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage at Riverfront Park, or the Rotary Dictionary Project. The leaders on those projects could really use your help. The Rotary Triathlon taking place October 1 needs more course and set-up volunteers; our Dictionary Project leaders are holding a Labeling Party on August 28 (after the school year starts, these are then ready to hand out to each fourth grader in the greater Salem area); or join the fundraising campaign for the Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage as a financial donor.

Thanks for stepping up and helping us do good works in this great community!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 23 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Port of Morrow: Small Town, Big Success, Statewide Impact
Gary Neal, general manager of the Port of Morrow, will join us to share updates and and inside view of the Port of Morrow, Oregon’s second largest port. The Port’s industrial park is served by Columbia River Barging, Union Pacific railroad and Interstate freeways 82 and 84.

Weekly Newsletter | August 15, 2017

Message from President Bruce

At last week’s meeting, fellow Salem Rotarian and District Governor Renee Campbell covered many aspects of how we Salem Rotarians are “Making a Difference”. One thing DG Renee emphasized was The Rotary Foundation.

Contributions to TRF support amazing things: near eradication of polio, clean drinking water in developing nations (like that which our own club members have been involved with in Haiti), promoting peace (as we have seen on the Island of Cyprus or educating Peace Scholars, like Ahmad Mohibbi), and much more.

Are you a current supporter or sustaining donor to TRF? If not, now would be a great time to start – or expand your support. Even if it’s just a little. And we can honor and help make this a great year for DG Renee. You can go here to donate to TRF’s funds. Or, to make things easier, just see Chuck Swank during our weekly meeting who is glad to take your money!

I also want to note our own Salem Rotary Foundation, which continues to grow and make a difference in the Salem area. We’ll be focusing in September on what SRF does and then in November, more on TRF.

Let’s join together and make it a great year for DG Renee and Rotary! Thanks!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 16 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Homelessness, Part 3

Part 3, the final program of our series on Homelessness, will feature four organizations serving different sub-populations of the homeless in a panel format. Each will describe briefly the services that they offer, the challenges that they face and their recommendations as to what we, as Rotarians and as a community, can do to address homelessness.

Panel participants are: Andy Wilch, Salem Housing Authority; Kim Lemman, St. Francis  Shelter; Jimmy Jones, Community Action Arches program, and Stephen Goins, Northwest Human Services HOST program. Panel moderator will be Marybeth Beall.

Program Chair: Marybeth Beall


Weekly Newsletter | August 8, 2017

Message from President Bruce

How did you get interested in Rotary? For me, it was a conversation with my friend and sponsor, Ron Hays. Ron told me about engaging programs, community-minded people, warm camaraderie, and how Rotary supported great things in Salem and elsewhere. He asked me to attend a meeting – that was all. I did and was hooked. Thanks for the invite, Ron!

We all know people who would be a great fit for Rotary. Have you talked with them about Rotary? Tell them our story like Ron did with me.  Share about the incredible difference we’re making in the lives of people, the inviting and engaging meetings we have every week, how they can join in to help others, and be around like-minded, service-oriented people. Invite them to a meeting.  They’ll discover Rotary and want to join. And as we bring in new members to Rotary, we can welcome new and diverse people to continue to make Rotary Club of Salem the special place that it is. Thanks!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 9 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – District Governor Renee Campbell
This week’s club meeting will be a very special program that you won’t want to miss. Our very own fellow Rotarian, Renee Campbell, is serving as District Governor this year for District 5100. This is a very big deal for our club – and for Renee! Please make plans to attend next Wednesday, August 9 at the Salem Convention Center and provide a warm Rotary Club of Salem welcome to DG Renee – our fellow club member, District Governor, and all-around wonderful person!

Weekly Newsletter | August 1, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Why Rotary? We each have a reason why we join and stay in Rotary. Last Wednesday’s program is mine. Teens from the divided Island of Cypress spoke about life in their country and their experiences in the states for the Cypress Friendship Program. (Our club annually sponsors CFP which brings together Turkish-Cypriot and Greek-Cypriot youths, encouraging friendships in a month-long visit here among the teens and their families. The goal: fostering peace.)

A few years ago when I heard CFP kids talk, I instantly got Rotary’s connection to supporting peace. Inspired, awed, and moved were my emotions listening to youth after youth speak last week. It was truly amazing to hear from these teenagers who sounded more like adults.

CFP is one of many ways we as a club are involved in promoting Peace: Rotary Peace Fellows (we sponsored Ahmad Mohibbi who spoke to us last year), the Peace Pole project in District 5100 (you can see the one we erected in front of the Center for Hope & Safety), and many other ways. Thanks to your support for Rotary and the Salem Rotary Foundation, we do awesome things in Salem and around the world – like Cypress.

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 2 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Oregon Youth Authority
Join us as Fariborz Pakseresht, director of the Oregon Youth Authority, shares with us the work of the Oregon Youth Authority and how they work toward their vision that youth who leave OYA go on to lead productive, crime-free lives.

Weekly Newsletter | July 25, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Our club members are a busy bunch on a variety of projects with incredible dedication. There was the annual Rotary Golf Tourney last Friday to raise dollars for dictionaries. Salem Rotarians were out in force this past weekend at both the Salem Art Fair and the Bite & Brew Fest (wow!) spreading the word about our Rotary Amphitheater and the different designs. Work is continuing on the first Rotary Triathlon of Salem coming October 1. And, then there were fun dinner gatherings as Rotarians enjoyed auction packages they successfully bid on from the Good Works event earlier this year. Whew! Having fun together while supporting great causes is what is so terrific about Rotary.

Speaking of the Rotary Amphitheater, don’t miss the Public Forum we’re hosting for the community Tuesday, July 25, starting at 6:30 in the Anderson Room at the Salem Public Library. The architects will be on hand to share about the inspiration for and receive feedback on their designs. Be sure to attend and take part in the conversation.


Tomorrow’s Meeting

July 26 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Cypress Friendship Exchange Students

Come learn more about the Cypress Friendship Exchange from two of the participants.
Program Chair: Shalisa Beck

Read More by Clicking Here!


Weekly Newsletter | July 18, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Howdy, fellow Rotarians!

Last fall, I ran into a good friend who teaches a combined class of 4th and 5th graders (she taught three of my four kids in her class). Knowing I was in Rotary, she asked about when we would be distributing dictionaries. At the time we talked, her new fourth graders had been eyeing the dictionaries the fifth graders had received from Rotary the prior year (when they were in fourth grade) and were anxious to get their own copy.

That hunger for learning was awesome to see and hear about! It’s real, on-the-ground work you all as Rotarians are providing for school kids here in Salem-Keizer. So, whether you’re taking part in this Friday’s Rotary Golf Tourney or buying a box (just $60) or half-box ($30) of dictionaries at this week’s meeting, you will make a difference in the lives of our area fourth graders and their education. I hope that you will sincerely consider supporting this important project. Thanks!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
July 19 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Corban University

Did you know that Corban is not only a renowned university of Christian higher education in Salem but also works internationally with other countries such as Indonesia to provide teachers, or pastor training in Cameroon? Corban University carries a vision for addressing social, spiritual and educational needs across the globe. In this presentation, Dr.Sheldon Nord will speak about Corban University’s work in our own community but will highlight the initiatives and work of the Corban University Center for Global Engagement. The center provides a unique opportunity for scholars to address and creatively respond to global challenges affecting Christian education, the church and other organizations working together around the world to make a difference.

Program Chair: Karen Lewis


Weekly Newsletter | July 4, 2017 (NO MEETING on July 5)


Have a wonderful Independence Day celebration!

Message from President Bruce

First, thanks, my fellow Rotarians, for allowing me the honor and privilege to serve as President for 2017-2018! I also want to recognize and thank Immediate Past President Steve Ickes for his guidance this past year.

Rotary is amazing and we are doing incredible things locally and globally. Our club recently awarded small grants to some Salem non-profits and those dollars are doing immense things: dental care for young kids, help for homeless youths, free meds for low-income persons – just to name a few. Internationally we’re helping build water projects in Haiti, fostering peace efforts on the Island of Cypress, and of course, working to end polio. These awesome things happen because Rotarians, like yourself, care, get involved, and support this noble work.

Our Rotary theme for 2017-2018 is “Making A Difference.” Our new RI President, Ian Riseley, in the July issue of The Rotarian had this to say about why people join and stay in Rotary: “Through Rotary, we are Making a Difference in the world; and the more involved we become, the more of a difference Rotary makes to each of us.”

I encourage you all to get engaged and involved with one of the many projects and events we have coming up this year. We all can Make a Difference.

Best wishes for a Happy Independence Day!


Weekly Newsletter | June 27, 2017

For those of you who read our eBlast from time to time or regularly, thank you. I have tried to make them both interesting and informative. It was my plan (2016-17) to spend a fair amount of time looking inward. It is so easy to get caught up in the bigger picture of Rotary with all its “bells and sirens” and forget to take care of business at home – our Rotary Club of Salem membership. I believe, to a certain extent, we have done that this year (and now hopefully a little stronger). It is a good time for us to move back to a more balanced approach in 2017-18. Bruce and Renee can lead us there with your commitment, support and energy.

Rotary is a complicated organization that produces “unbelievable good” in the world. Understanding how to make it work at the local and international level to produce that good is a balancing act of focusing on both the club’s members to make them strong and motivated, and targeting and scaling the projects we take on. You all have done a great job of doing just that this year. Thank you for letting me go on this journey with you.

Tomorrow’s Meeting
June 28 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: 2017-2018 Officers’ Installation

It’s the start of a new Rotary year – and time to welcome Bruce Anderson, our incoming president, along with the new board members for 2017-2018, while thanking President Steve and others who have served this past year.
Program Chair – Renee Campbell

Weekly Newsletter | June 20, 2017

It is that time of year, the first of the new Rotary Year, for us, July 2017, when we renew our partnership with our Rotary Club. Not only is it time to pay our dues but asses how important Rotary is to the living of our lives. For the majority of Rotarians, Rotary is so much a part of our life that continuing our Rotary association is a no brainer. For others it is a time to reassess what a Rotary life means. For those of you who are not sure if you are going to continue, think about how Rotary has enriched your life. Working on a committee, serving to make our Wednesday meetings fun and thoughtful or working to get a funded project to the goal-line makes our lives richer. If you are on the edge of the club’s life and activities, quitting is likely easier. To you I would only say give the club one last chance in 2017-2018; at least talk with a trusted friend. See if they can make an argument for you to continue that makes sense to you. If all else fails come talk with me. I’ll give it a try.

Anyway, Rotary is a place to learn new leadership and interpersonal skills, it is a place to increase your knowledge about the critical issues of the day here at home ad around the world and, finally, Rotary is a place where you can make, if you want to, lifelong friends. So, sign up and get your dues in. Bruce Anderson is planning a very special 2017-2018 year. Don’t sit on the sidelines, come work and play with us – Your Rotary Club of Salem.

Also, never forget – every month is “Membership Month,” period.

Tomorrow’s Meeting
June 21 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Solar Eclipse 2017
The moon’s shadow will race its way across the entire state of Oregon in just 12 minutes on August 21, with Government Point, a cape jutting out into the Pacific, the first place in the U.S. to experience totality. Salem is Oregon’s largest city to fall within the path of totality starting at 10:17 a.m. and lasting all of a minute and 54 seconds. Be sure to attend to learn from astrodynamics expert, Dan Adamo, the intricacies of this rare phenomenon and how to safely view it.

Weekly Newsletter | June 13, 2017

The Rotary Foundation is instrumental in how Rotary does good in the world.  Service above self by itself isn’t enough. It also takes money to make the world a better place. TRF funds our polio eradication efforts, water projects, schools, peace scholars, clinics, and much more. You can learn more here.

The foundation has made our club’s impressive water and sanitation projects in Haiti, India, and Indonesia a reality. Your contributions to TRF also help fund our annual dictionary project, and recently our simplified grants to Willamette Heritage Center and CASA of Marion County. The amount our club can apply for our local and international projects depends upon how much our club donates per capita to TRF. Our goal for this Rotary year is $23,800. I’m pleased to report that we have exceeded that by $2,823. But wait–last year we raised $29,693.  Surely, given our increase in membership and an improved economy, we can top that.

If you haven’t yet given to TRF this Rotary year, I encourage you to step up. Supporting TRF is an essential part of being a Rotarian. Likewise I encourage you to complete your pledges and possibly donate more if you can. To do so, please go here. Or simply see Chuck Swank with your credit card or check.  Who knows, doing so just might be enough to push you over the top for your first or next Paul Harris Fellowship.  Best of all, your donation can save a life.  A child can be protected from polio with as little as 60 cents.

Ron Kellemen
Steve Ickes

Tomorrow’s Meeting

June 7 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: Rotarians from Salem, India

Join us as we hear from Rotarians from Salem, India
Program Chair – Ron Rubel

Weekly Newsletter | June 6, 2017

I recently returned from the 5100 District Conference. It was well worth the time away. From Sylvia Whitelock’s talk, the first female Rotary president, to Brad Howard, an RI director, and his “right on” presentation on membership development, to the symbolic passing of the District Banner from Tom Markos to Renee Campbell, the weekend was filled with great friendship and usable strategic information. The weekend was a “home run.”

Let’s finish the year with a strong final membership push. Get those applications in. Rotary (better able) this year to serve humanity.


June 7 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: Oregon Corrections Enterprises

Oregon Corrections Enterprises (OCE) is a semi-independent, self-sustaining state agency, working with the Department of Corrections to promote public safety by providing adults in custody with work and training opportunities. Ken Jeske, administrator of OCE, will share the history of OCE and the efforts OCE is making to prepare adults in custody for release back into our community’s workforce. Find out how you can be a part of Oregon’s success.

Weekly Newsletter | May 30, 2017

The beauty of Rotary is that you don’t do Rotary alone. Not only are we part of our local club and community but we are part of a world-wide community of Rotarians doing parallel work or joining us in doing empowering work together. Sometimes that work is here in the Willamette Valley and sometimes it’s in Haiti, Guam or Kenya.

The other evolving feature is the increasing diversity of membership that is becoming part of our evolving Rotary make-up. First it was the savvy inclusion of women and now our inclusiveness band-width is wisely spreading even wider.

I make no apology, this year we have emphasized “adding new members” to our club’s ranks (that is – building our base of strength as a club and thus support for what we take on). There is also (today) the “added joy” of doing what we do with an increasing mix of: ethnic, gender, age and cultural differences. As our Rotary club continues to evolve and grow, especially in our community, we can be proud of who we are and what we stand for – Rotary Serving Humanity, period.


Tomorrow’s Meeting
May 31 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: Homelessness Part 1

Who are the homeless in our community and what do we know about them? Jimmy Jones, program director at Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency and Stephen Goins, program director at Northwest Human Services will answer these and several other questions in their presentation to the club.
Program Chair – Ryan Collier

Weekly Newsletter | May 23, 2017

Dear Rotary Club of Salem Member – This next week we will have our Student Lead Rotary Meeting. Ryan Collier is the Program Chair. This is a special time for our students and it adds to their Student Rotary of the Month recognition.

Eva will do the honors of presenting her personal Rotary story. I am sure you will find this her presentation most interesting.

Unless something has popped today, Eva still needs a Wednesday afternoon ride to Seaside !!! – Steve


Tomorrow’s Meeting
May 24 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: Student Run Meeting

This is our annual program which is run by the North Salem and South Salem High Schools’ Students of the Month.

Program Chair – Ryan Collier


Weekly Newsletter | May 16, 2017

I’ll be my usual brief self . The beauty of Rotary is that you don’t do Rotary alone. Not only are we part of our local club and community but we are part of a world-wide community of Rotarians doing parallel work or joining us in doing empowering work together. Sometimes that work is here in the Willamette Valley and sometimes it’s in Haiti, Guam or Kenya.

The other evolving feature is the increasing diversity of membership that is becoming part of our evolving Rotary make-up. First it was the savvy inclusion of women and now our inclusiveness band-width is wisely spreading even wider.

I make no apology, this year we have emphasized “adding new members” to our club’s ranks (that is – building our base of strength as a club and thus support for what we take on). There is also (today) the “added joy” of doing what we do with an increasing mix of: ethnic, gender, age and cultural differences. As our Rotary club continues to evolve and grow, especially in our community, we can be proud of who we are and what we stand for – Rotary Serving Humanity, period.

Tomorrow’s Meeting
May 17 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: How Marion County Impacts Your Life –  State of the County Address

Commissioner Kevin Cameron (right) and Chief Administrative Officer John Lattimer (left) will present the State of the County Address to the club.
Program Chair – MaryBeth Beall

Weekly Newsletter | May 9, 2017

I have not taken a minute this year to talk about the importance of the friendships that are built as a function of Rotary membership.

When we reach out to sponsor/introduce a new member or meet a new member someone else has sponsored we are potentially bringing someone into the circle of Rotary who may end up a close lifetime friend. This has certainly been my experience with Rotary starting with my induction into the Rotary Club of Eugene in 1978 and continuing with my membership here in Salem. It is certainly a story I have heard repeated, week after week, this year, as I listen to the Rotary experience of other members of our club. While it is important to stay/remain open, supportive and friendly to every single person in our club, lasting, lifelong- friendships do evolve.

So, to all of you who are bringing someone new into membership in the coming weeks, enjoy the friendships that evolve as a function of belonging to this club, both work and play, but stay open to the new life experiences that will come from the new and existing opportunities that become available. 

May 10 – Willamette Heritage Center

Club Meeting: Centennial Project!

In anticipation of our centennial anniversary in 2020, our club has committed to leading a community effort to construct a new amphitheater stage at Salem’s Riverfront Park. This open, multi-purpose facility will be designed to complement the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge, the Rotary Pavilion, and the Riverfront Carousel. You won’t want to miss getting a peek at conceptual renderings, hearing about our partnership with the City of Salem, and getting involved with this incredible project.

Program Chair – Barry Nelson

Weekly Newsletter | May 2, 2017

In a world filled with fake news, ethnic intolerance, political extremism, religious and economic wars, untreated disease and unaddressed poverty, one million plus Rotary club members around the world work to: build their club’s strength,  improve health – worldwide, build international fellowship, improve sanitation, reduce poverty, eradicate Polio and educate the worlds children, year after year, year after year, with measurable success. As noted by our Rotarian Editor, John Rezer – We come “not to observe but to serve.” We are contributors.

May 3 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: McKay Symphony Orchestra

The McKay Symphony is co-directed by their outstanding teachers – Jim Charnholm and JJ Meyer. In its debut at the State Symphony Orchestra Competition last  year, the McKay Orchestra was one of the top scoring orchestras. They are currently preparing for this year’s High School State Orchestra Competition that will be held at OSU on May 12. Salem-Keizer School District now has a symphony orchestra at every high school in Salem. This is  a record number of full high school symphony orchestras for any single school district nationwide and is one of the few high school orchestras that actually performs at near-professional levels. You are in for a musical treat for this program.

Program Chair – Karl Raschkes


Weekly Newsletter | April 25, 2017

Like this club, Rotary Clubs around the world continue to make this world a better place. In Guatemala, a Rotary Club is working to make an ecological difference by planting 1,000 bulrushes to help purify their most important lake, Lake Atillan. A Rotary Club in the US Virgin Islands supported the creation of an EarlyAct Club of 50 young people to support Haitian hurricane victims from Hurricane Matthew. And the Rotary Club of Pullman, Washington teamed up with a club from Tanzania to provide clean drinking water for thousands of people living in Tarakea.

Projects like these can only be supported by clubs that are strong, growing and alive like ours. Howard Bowman and his team of hard working members makes this happen for us again and again. They are to be appreciated – and they are.

You can make a difference in this club’s future “energy level” by proposing a new Rotary Club of Salem member. We have about 10 weeks left in this Rotary year – be a new member sponsor – be a contributor. Thank you.

April 26 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: SLUGS!
After a warm spring rain, you’re probably not surprised to find more than a few slimy slugs slithering about, munching the new growth on your prize petunias. Table salt, beer, and poisonous baits are all remedies for eliminating these squishy critters but is there a better answer? Maybe so. And, that’s what we’ll learn about on April 26 when Rory McDonnell, PhD in Applied Ecology and assistant professor in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Oregon State University tells about his research in understanding and controlling the lowly slug.


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Weekly Newsletter | April 18, 2017

If you go regularly, or if you have never gone, please consider going to District Conference this year. The conference takes place in Seaside, Oregon on May 26-28th. Check out the details at See you there.


April 19 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: RYLA
Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a Rotary Club Sponsorship for ages 19 to  28. The program is one week long and held at beautiful Menuca Camp (located on the Columbia Gorge) in July. Ida Lafky, chair of RYLA, will have information and applications about this awesome program. The application deadline to Ida is earlier than to the district so funds from the sponsoring club can be sent in timely. As a Sponsorship Opportunity, this can be put on the participant’s resume. It is a wonderful way to learn about being a Rotarian while learning valuable life skills.

Weekly Newsletter | April 11, 2017

At a time when every evening news channel is highlighting what is going wrong around the world and down the street, Steven Radelet, a development cconomist at Georgetown University, has written a book entitled: The Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World. In this book he highlights the very “real progress” that has been made in the world in the last 20 years.

I urge you to read the interview of Steven Radelet in the April issue of the Rotarian (starting on page 41). It certainly left me with a contrasting view of what progress has been made in the two-thirds of the world not in the news every night.


April 12 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Rotary Tech Talk

Our very own Holly Berry will be giving a Tech Talk on Rotary’s DAC system on April 12, 2017. She is the downtown Rotary club’s DAC guru.  Be sure to bring your phones and/or tablets to log on to the mobile version of DAC and try out the features. Holly will cheerfully show us how to “do your own *$%#  make-ups.” She will also show us the Rotary International website and create “My Rotary” accounts.

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Weekly Newsletter | April 4, 2017

As with any organization, business or club there are a core of individuals who do the heavy lifting week after week. They are distinguished by their thoughtfulness, selfless energy and willingness to do repeat performances in a variety of organizational domains. They would be identified as “utility players” in any sports or a startups.

In all my leadership years this so called “core team member” approach to organizational vision, leadership and momentum ruled the day if you wanted to get anything meaningful done.

We however are, in my experience, an exception. We have an “ever changing and evolving core” of contributors. As Adam Grant points out in his new book Originals, and we are, there is a difference if you use the word “contributor” as a verb or as a noun. It is his belief that using the word as a verb is a less powerful leadership tool than if you use it as a noun, i.e., many club members are contributing to the membership effort vs. the club has many outstanding contributors.

I agree and have found (this year) that while this is an ever changing group in our club, those who take action in support of an effort, using the term contributors captures the significance of what our members actually do week after week. So, to all of you contributors I say, thank you.



April 5 – Willamette Heritage Center
Club Meeting: Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum will share her goals and priorities in her second term as Oregon’s Attorney General, and how she intends to advocate for and protect Oregon’s children, seniors, immigrants and crime victims and those saddled with education-related debt. She also welcomes your questions.

Weekly Newsletter | March 28, 2017

This is the last week of our annual Food Drive. So search your mind and heart; “dig deep”; I am sure you will find a reason to “serve humanity” this way; please give now, this week..


March 29 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Products Initiative
The food and beverage industry in Oregon is flourishing, as seen through the growth of breweries, wineries, and dairy companies. Key to supporting these industries is the OSU Food Science Program that educates technical experts in fermentation processes, provides continuing education to industry employees, and assists companies with technical challenges through applied research. OSU has now launched the Oregon Quality Food and Beverage Products Initiative. Dr. Lisbeth Goddik will talk with us about this important initiative and its impact on the future of these industries. AND Dr. Goddik will also share student-made cheeses that have been flavored with student-made Pinot Noir and cider.
Program Chair – Tammy Dennee

Weekly Newsletter | March 21, 2017

After last week’s long eBlast on the long-term importance of attracting new members, this week I will be brief and to the point. My challenge to the club is: What can we do to have 100% Food Drive participation. The answer is obvious. Let’s set a new record. Everyone give what you can. There is no cause more important than making sure that every Marion/Polk County adult and child has enough food to not go to bed hungry.

This is our annual service goal for March. It’s all about “Service Above Self.” Whether it’s $100.00 or $1.00, please give what you can. Thank you.

March 22 – Salem Convention Center

Club Meeting: Variola Vanquished? The Complex History and Legacy of Smallpox Eradication

In May of 1980, the World Health Organization declared that smallpox had been eradicated.  But in July of 2014, three forgotten vials of the smallpox virus were found at a laboratory in Maryland. How is this possible, and how worried should we be? In this presentation, Bob Reinhardt  will explore the causes, development, and legacy of the global effort to eradicate smallpox in the 1960s and 1970s. This program ultimately produced a world free of smallpox as a disease and inspired other disease control programs, like Rotary’s effort to eliminate polio – but the program also left us with the presence of the smallpox virus (variola) in high-security laboratories and in the imagination of people throughout the world.

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Weekly Newsletter | March 14, 2017

As we close in on the last quarter of this Rotary year I wanted to take a moment to communicate (from the heart) the vision behind the idea of going “all out” with a focused and serious membership push this year.

Vision – I want our club and District 5100 to be seen nationally as one of the most successful districts (including our club) on the planet.

The “why” behind that choice, emphasis and vision this year is really CORE to our club’s future impact locally and internationally.

First, and foremost we must continue to grow – we “must grow” the heart of our club to stay creative and vibrant.

Second, through active participation our members strengthen their leadership skills through the committee and individual contributions they make over time, i.e., we must become better and better individual Rotarian to meet our evolving vision and associated challenges.

Third, lifetime and deep-seated friendships really do develop and that makes us better people and a better club – that is, stronger people and stronger (real time) contributors.

Finally, it creates real and measurable power radiating out from the club and its members to get things done. As I have said many times, we are a smart, savvy, informed and fun-loving club that gets things done, period.

Lastly, two new and very important moves, alliances have formed this year.

The first was the challenge to each club member from the president to sponsor a new member. Many of you have delivered or still plan to step up. I truly thank you for your effort and success to date. Your success has not gone unrecognized.

The second club challenge/alliance is the new energy that is building in the reconstituted Membership Committee and their upcoming plan to reach out to existing inactive members who may quit Rotary this summer. They are on the move already to make this effort real and as successful as our attracting new members has become.

We all wish them well in the next three months. If they reach out to you because they know you know a particular inactive member, please step up.

So, if we pull off this 2016-17 membership undertaking we can look at any club on the planet with pride and know we did our part to keep Rotary here in Oregon on the move.

Susanna – (Inside Baseball) Sorry I got so lengthy this week.


March 15 – Salem Convention Center
Club Meeting: Judson Middle School Jazz Band

The Judson Middle School Jazz Band pays us a visit!
Program Chair – Karl Raschkes

Weekly Newsletter | March 7, 2017

Several of you have asked about the steps involved – from identifying a potential Rotary member to actual membership.

Five easy steps:

  1. If you find someone you think would make an active/creative Rotarian invite them to a meeting and tell them “your Rotary story” and what Rotary is all about.
  2. If they express a genuine interest get them vetted.
  3. When the two weeks expire and “all is well” talk with them about dues, what’s involved in being a Rotary member (in more detail) and get them an “on-line” application. Holly can help.
  4. When completed make sure it gets sent back to Holly. She will make sure that prior to induction you get a Rotary packet as their sponsor.
  5. With a simple back and forth text Chuck can get you the prorated dues figure to the end of the Rotary year, and then… Yes !!!
  6. Schedule a Wednesday Induction date with me.

I hope this general outline is helpful. If you get stuck in the process please call or text me.


March 8 – Willamette Heritage Center
Our speaker will be Carlos Kalmar, who is in his fourteenth season as Music Director of the Oregon Symphony. He is also the artistic director and principal conductor of the Grant Park Music Festival in Chicago.

Weekly Newsletter | February 28, 2017

I had a reoccurring, interesting and important conversation with one of our younger members this last week. She was wondering if we were making any special effort to attract young people into the club. I shared that the need to attract young people has been a part of several conversations we have had as we think about attracting new members this year. She said that the key in her mind to getting younger members to join was to have the “younger members” already in the club reach each out directly to prospective younger members.

While attracting younger members is complicated as the pressures in their lives are many and unique, from an operational point of view, young members reaching out to prospective young members is a strategically wise move. Not to say that us “older duffers and older ladies” shouldn’t also try. LOL. So, in the coming weeks I urge our younger members to reach out to your friends and work associates and test out this peer-to-peer strategy. Us old timers will try also. Again, if I can be of assistance please contact me and I will do my best to help. This year is all about club building for the future.

As always..


March 1 – Salem Convention Center

Rick Gaupo will lead kick-off to the annual Rotary Food and Funds Drive. Rotarians are leaders in the community and during the month of March they lead the fight to end hunger in our community. The kick-off event is a chance to learn about the issue of hunger in our community and about how Rotary has helped our neighbors when they struggled to put food on the table.

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Weekly Newsletter | February 21, 2017

Another “Wow” moment. It never ceases to amaze me when I read about what other Rotary clubs around the world are doing to better serve humanity. In Malaysia, 400 dictionaries. In Argentina, clean drinking water for 5,000 kids. In Nigeria, Legos State University Teaching Hospital, repairing birth defects for 210 indigent kids and in the Philippines screening and repairing eye impairments for 300 students. While there is clearly much, much more to be done, what great modeling.

The Rotary Club of Salem also has a tradition of international service to the young, old and those in need. Being a Rotarian makes me proud. Let’s make our club as strong as we can.


Club Meeting: Our Community Hospital

James Parr, CFO of Salem Health will speak with us about what is new with Salem Health  as well as the status of hospitals in general in today’s economic and political environment.

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Weekly Newsletter | February 14, 2017

What can I say. Saturday night’s Gala was a Home Run. The lively crowd looked like it was having a great time and the fund raising was a joy for all who participated. Chuck will hopefully have the bottom-line for us in a few days to let us know how well we did financially.

More and more of you are now telling me you are bringing a name forward for membership this spring. Do not wait until the last of this presidential year to do so. We do not want a jam of names in late May and June. So, the “earn your wings” activity should hopefully be wrapped up by mid-June so we can be comfortable that our club will be back over the 200 member mark.

Again, thanks to everyone who has earned their wings so far and good luck to the rest of the club in the coming five months. If you need any membership information the three Steve’s are ready to help.

February 15 – Salem Convention Center

Join us for the annual State of the City Address from Mayor Chuck Bennett.


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Weekly Newsletter | February 7, 2017

Now that our membership efforts are really starting to pay off it is also important to make sure that we do not neglect the members that we have, both new and ongoing.

There is all the usual Rotary thought about getting new members involved in committees but we must also be sure that we keep our ongoing members involved in energizing our overall club culture.

Having said that, there is a deeper story. Yes, it is true that involvement in committees is important, but really getting and keeping someone is a two party undertaking. 1.) We must make an abundance of personal opportunities available to all of our members but 2.) there also has to be that spark inside the member that finally concludes – this is for me. If they get there, Rotary actually becomes a part of their life story. Their life takes on a new, deeper and continuing meaning, a special bond forms. Key (central) to this bond is that new and genuine, long term personal friendships form.

In my nearly 40 years as a Rotarian if new friendships do not form in that first year the new member will most likely drift away and eventually be gone. Just think about your own Rotary experience. How many new friendships have you pushed yourself to add to your life over the years. I’ll bet the numbers are significant, even if it was just two new people in your life.

And so, as was the theme in It’s a Wonderful Life, continue to “earn your wings” this year by bringing in a new member but then make sure you contribute to building our ongoing culture of friendship, fun and (rock solid} service that characterize our special Rotary community.

I will announce  the members of the “Earn Your Wings Club” at the end of this Rotary year.

This week’s program will feature John Honey, principal of CTEC, Career Technical Education Center. This school is the result of a public-private partnership between Salem-Keizer School District and Mt. West Investment Corp. Mr. Honey will bring us up to date on the programs at CTEC as well as share with us the plans for future growth and expansion. CTEC is truly an educational model for our state!


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Weekly Newsletter | January 31, 2017

To paraphrase RI President Germ’s thought in the current Rotarian magazine – just imagine a world without Rotary. Think of Rotary’s contributions since 1905 to improving the issues of: peace, poverty, health, clean water, basic sanitation and educating the world’s children. Rotary is the benchmark by which all NGOs are measured. Rotary is the local and international gold standard for service to the world’s needy. To continue to be relevant, inventive and courageous Rotary clubs must be strong and ready to deliver the goods.

I have three goldfish left in my pond at the house. I have not been as attentive to its ecology as I should have been. The pond can support many more fish than that. It’s my responsibility to keep the pond populated, vibrant and in balance with nature.

With respect to our Rotary pond I am pleased with the progress we have made to make our club more vigorous – that is, grow our club this year. We have much left to do before June 30th. So, please join me and your Rotary brothers and sisters as we continue to march forward this year to populate our own pond with new energy, creative ideas and people who firmly believe in Service Above Self.


This week’s club meeting: Shea Booster of Bend is president of the 6,000 member Oregon FFA. He will describe how implementing the FFA Motto – Learning to Do; Doing to Learn; Earning to Live; Living to Serve – leads to student success


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Weekly Newsletter | January 24, 2017

There are two things foremost on my mind as I enter the second half of my year as your fearless leader.

First, we are getting very close to our annual Gala Fundraiser. I am hoping that you are as excited about attending, bringing your significant other and friends, buying a table if that is your interest, and, bottom line, having a super fun evening. So no procrastinating allowed. Beat a path to Lauren if you need her for any reason. She is making this evening happen on a daily basis. February 11th is the magic night. Six is the magic hour.

Second, our Membership Efforts are starting to take wing. Please make sure you get the name of your prospective member to Matt Logan. He sets the all important “Vetting Step” of the process in motion. If you make that step happen, the rest of the steps seems to just unfold. So, it is time to add your energy to where we are and where we are headed in the future.

If I can be of assistance text or email me and I will make sure you have the information you need or get you to the right place or person. If everyone who has talked to me and said they are working on a new member “strikes gold” this will be a membership year we will appreciate and not forget.

As always, my best to you and the energy you bring to the two above opportunities You are essential to this club having real traction on the issues of the day. Lets show ourselves and the world – we can do this.


This week’s club meeting: Your New Oregon State Fair with Mike Paluszak, CEO of the Oregon State Fair & Expo Center.

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Weekly Newsletter | January 17, 2017

I continue to be impressed this year with the good work and projects this club’s member’s undertake in this community. Whether it’s John Shirley’s work on the “Big Race” schedules for next October, Berry Nelson’s work on our 100 Year Project (the outdoor theater) in the River Front Park as we approach 2020, or Sue Bloom’s efforts to get numerous Hands-On Projects rolling this spring.

We never seem to be very far, as an organization, from what is happening in Salem and around the world. We are (as I type) in the hunt and closing in (under Jenn and Brenna’s good leadership) on another District 5100 small grant project. We are gearing up to host more foreign students. We are working to build up the character and number members this club can commit to “Service Above Self” activities.

And on a most timely note, Lauren and Christian are working our February Fund Raising Gala which is just around the corner. Of equal importance, club members continue to tell me they are seriously seeking out new members to keep our club alive with new people, creative energy and commitment. So please join me and your brothers and sisters in this year’s special effort to continue to make this club a “rising star.”

Finally, keep Robbin in your thoughts as she continues to rebuild her strength, body and life. She is part of who we are and deserves our loving and best energy.


This week’s club meeting: Preparing for the Big One in Salem with Roger Stevenson, Salem’s Emergency Manager.


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Weekly Newsletter | January 10, 2017

It is that special giving/evening-out time of the year for us Rotarians. So, I will get right to the point. We really must get behind, in a big way, our annual fundraiser. Christian, Lauren and the Gala Team have done a great deal of heavy lifting already but this is still an event in motion-under construction.

It is now “our turn” to do our part. Step One, if you haven’t already, go to your calendar or smart phone and lock in the evening of February 11. Step Two: despite Lauren’s deadline statement, it’s not to late to sponsor, make a cash and/or special auction item donations. Step Three: buy a ticket or two or, even better, a table. Step Four: Dress up in your fun-loving Gala duds (that make you smile) and be there or be square. It will, I am sure, be a great bidding-night all around.

We have a “great cause” this year with Kim Lemman and the St. Francis kids’ “playground project.” What a worthy undertaking. Join me and all your Salem Rotary brothers, sisters and friends; lets make this Gala a truly all-around “wild and crazy” fund raising night.

This week’s club meeting: Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum will speak to our club.

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Weekly Newsletter | January 3, 2017

I woke up last night about 2:00 thinking that I have not done a very good job of communicating why “Club Membership Building” this year and into the future is critical to our survival and ability to do good.

So here is my thinking, in short, my Readers Digest “summary” in writing.

1.) If you sponsor a new member it actually increases your ownership in the club’s body-politic.

2.) If you sponsor a new member you have made a (positive and public) statement about how much you value what this club stands for, as well as the good that it creates.

3.) If you sponsor a new member you are strengthening the clubs economic base and broadening the economic burden (to do good) in a truly democratic sense.

4.) If you sponsor a new member it focuses a portion of the club’s energy on the personal value of belonging to something in Salem with a “noble” value set.

5.) If you (and others) sponsor new members, it creates new choices from deciding who to sit with on a given Wednesday, and/or who you get to know and work with in committee(s) and outside the club.

6.) If you sponsor a caring new member it “actually” stops rewarding membership volume and focuses our energy pool w.r.t. “Service Above Self.”

7.) If you sponsor a new member you have focused our collective-based economic resources.

8.) If you sponsor a new member with diversity (business and NGO’s) in mind you have strengthened and rewarded good club data and this body politics support for real, relevant and transparent public outcomes.

9.) If you sponsor a new member it leaves a “regular person” (LOL) with a positive sense of having contributed another “active ingredient” to Rotary achieving its stated goals.

10.) And finally, sponsoring a new member is a public statement of “what characteristics” you want to see at this table and at work in this club’s future.

Thank you for reading this.

This week’s meeting: Latinos in Oregon – Trends & Opportunities in a Changing State. Oregon’s Latino population is growing, and Oregon’s Latino residents are some of the state’s current and future community leaders. The presentation, by Roberto Franco, Latino Partnershipo Program Director for the Oregon Community Foundation, will highlight the contributions that Latinos have made to the state, the progress communities have made, the disparities that still exist between Latino and white Oregonians in important areas of social and economic issues, and the implications for the state.

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Weekly Newsletter | December 27, 2016

As you may or may not know our club’s Membership Committee had fallen on “hard times” and really ceased to function, as either: 1.) a keeper of Rotary International’s evolving membership rules or 2.) more importantly, as a vibrant source of inspiration to our membership to stay engaged and/or as a “point of light” to attract new members to our club. As we continue to gear up this years membership efforts, club member-by-member, it is nice to know that this important Club Building effort is once again strong and resilient!!!

I am happy to say that with the support of Ken VanOsdol, Renee Campbell, Steve Nass and a reconstituted committee membership two new club leaders have stepped up and are leading this committee (and our club) into the future with (already apparent) positive energy and vision.

So, please welcome and support Robbin Kerner and Steve Broncheau in their new roles as co-chairs. Make sure that you are as there for them as I know they will be there for you as you bring new members into our club.

This week’s meeting: Club Fellowship! Join us for a fun time full of surprises!

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Weekly Newsletter | December 20, 2016

The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth in London England and has spread to many parts of the world. Its world-wide membership is estimated at 1.5 million. It adopted a quasi-military structure in 1878, and was, at that time, formally named the Salvation Army.

Salvationists lead a life governed by “high moral standards, evangelism and service to the poor.”

In many countries the Salvation Army is most often recognized during the holiday season for their Christmas music, bell ringing and their red kettles.  These donations support their vision and service mission.

This year, as in past years, we have supported this effort by servicing a Salvation Army kettle for two days during the holidays on the Kohl’s Sky-Bridge.

This week the Salvation Army Band will play for us before our club meeting and have a donation kettle present for us to support. Your donations and support of the Salvation Army are appreciated.

This week’s program: A highlight of GoodWorks and previews of what’s to come!

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Weekly Newsletter | December 13, 2016

The December issue of the Rotarian Magazine has several very interesting articles. One involving the ongoing “water rights battles’ in the Klamath Basin, highlighting Rotary’s involvement, and several articles featuring special service projects around the world.

But in one very short article summarizing a book entitled The Attention Merchants by Tim Wu there is an eye catching and very thoughtful phrase – “whatever we choose to pay attention to, in the end, becomes our life.” That stuck in my head because I believe our club does an excellent job of keeping it’s eye on the things that are truly import, those club building and service projects that keep us strong and truly living our service motto.

When I think of our club and who captures this sentiment my mind always leads me to Richard Pine and Barby Dressler. These two club members, without a lot of fan-fair, week after week, make contributions to this club in vision and just plain getting the mission of the club done. Barby by making sure that the message w.r.t. who we are and what we are doing gets out. And Richard making sure that the bell gets rung for those who go “above and beyond,” – that they get a momentary Star Status. He is also good at identifying people and agencies so that they get the personal and financial bump they need to keep moving forward. Aren’t we lucky!!!

PS: For those of you who are Salvation Army supporters and we are, the Salvation Army Band and Bucket will be there on the 21st. If you are not going to be here on the 21st leave your donation with Chuck this week. He will have an envelope to keep it safe until next week. Thank you.

This week’s meeting: Our Club’s Annual meeting will feature the “Gold Star Report” prepared by Secretary Holly Berry. This report is a huge recap of all the charitable and community contributions made by our Club during the 2015-2016 year. It will also include member voting for the new leaders of our Club, to take office in July 2017. Last but not least, our dedicated Membership Committee will feature some highlights of our Club’s outreach to prospective new members.

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Weekly Newsletter | December 6, 2016

A strong and vibrant “Club Building” effort is the life-blood of every Rotary Club – world-wide. It, along with our hands-on involvement and the funding of our efforts locally and around the world, are the basis of what keeps our club healthy and strong. If we keep our eyes on the tiger (the core) of the Rotary vision – Service Above Self, we will leave, at least, a positive dent in the issues of our time.

Our efforts at seeking like-minded new Rotarians is now beginning to pay off. In the coming weeks we will be adding several new, energetic and caring members. So, as we move through the holiday season, keep your eyes open for friends, work associates, leaders, people who care as you do. Let’s continue making a measurable difference every day in the lives of those around us. Your efforts and success at bringing to our club new members is (and will be over time) deeply appreciate.

Don’t forget: We’re at Willamette Heritage Center this week!

Our program, you ask? A School Music Program: South Salem High School. The South Salem Choir is recognized as one of the best high school choirs in the nation. It has received countless awards for excellence including more State Choir Championships historically than any other choir in the State. William McLean  is the new director of the South Salem Choir and is maintaining the Choir’s historical reputation of excellence. You will greatly enjoy their performance.

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Weekly Newsletter | November 29, 2016

Whether it is the Rotary Club of Shanghai that developed a “real work” Production Center for China’s disabled, the Rotary Club of Sooke, BC who is circulating a “bell” around the world to raise money for the Polio Plus effort, the Rotary Club of Alford and Mable-Thorpe, England sponsoring a Peace Fellowship for someone every four years, or the Rotaract Club of Bokeburg Lake, South Africa, delivering a variety of life changing supplies to different villages, local clubs around the world are hitting one life changing home-run after another.

Big Rotary picture – This week Dawn and her TRF Crew will talk with us about our club’s opportunity to support Rotary International’s – “Service Above Self” efforts around the world. Please be receptive to her message this week.

This week’s program: Rotary International Foundation. Join us as we learn more about what this incredible organization is accomplishing all over the world.

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Weekly Newsletter | November 22, 2016

While there are many moving parts to make a Rotary club really meaningful to its members and successful in mission, none is more important than the active ingredient – Fellowship and the resulting Trust and Friendships that develop over time. It has frequently been said that vision, mission and friendships are the “glue” that hold Rotary clubs together. These ongoing friendships support much of the motivation and forward momentum of club members to actively show up and serve. It has been my experience, after 30 plus years in Rotary, that if someone joins a Rotary club and after six months hasn’t make a new friend or bonded with a committee mission, they don’t stay on after that first yea,

We however, are “lucky ducks,” we have one of the most active and entertaining Fellowship Committees in the country and while Teresa would give all of the credit to her “super cool” Fellowship Team, she should get more than a nod for the leadership and organization she brings to that important “club building” set of activities. It, in many ways, becomes the core of maintaining and building membership once that feature of our club is discovered.

So, once again, “hats off” to Teresa, a strong and positive leader, and her team for the joy and happiness they bring to our club every week and especially through all the Fellowship events and activities they bring to this club year-after-year.

This week’s meeting: Club Fellowship. Join us for a fun event and get to know your fellow Rotarians that much better!

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