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Weekly Newsletter | August 14, 2018

August 15 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Union Gospel Mission

Dan Clem, executive director of Union Gospel Mission, will be sharing a unique perspective on the issues of homelessness and its impact and effect on the local community, in particular Salem’s downtown businesses. Additionally Dan will introduce us to their good neighbor initiative to improve collaborative relationships with businesses, churches, other nonprofits and the general public. Part of that plan includes the building of a new men’s mission. We’ll get a glimpse of the facility, scheduled to open in late 2020, and the difference this new building of hope will make in providing additional and more effective services to our homeless men, women and children. Finally, we’ll hear about the life-changing programs of Union Gospel Mission of Salem.
Program Chair: Shaney Starr
Message from President Rus

Happy middle of August to all. I’m a month and a half into my year driving the Salem Rotary bus and, thanks to all of you, this is proving to be a joy beyond my wildest expectations. The energy in our club is amazing and truly an inspiration. Three Red Badgers, yes three, at the head table last week, another inspiring moment and indication of the incoming excitement to our great club. Thanks to Heather Cordon, Marshall Roche, and Mark Hunter for your participation. You are going to hear it from me over and over the importance of assuring our new members quickly become comfortable in our large environment. It is one of the most important paths to engagement and sustained membership in our club. Please give them a moment of your time and ask how Rotary is going so far.

Talking about inspiration, what a response to the dictionary project! Julie Hilty launches the fundraising and you immediately respond buying 30 cases of dictionaries. Our club share for the dictionary project is about $5,000. To those of you stepping up last Wednesday, my thanks, but wait, there’s more. We have submitted for a $2,000 grant from District 5100.  Just think, with District’s help, for every three dictionaries, you buy, they give us two. We are still climbing the hill to reach our goal, so I hope you will consider buying a case, half case, or partial. That’s a 67% return on your investment in our local children.  If you really want to feel the buzz, please volunteer to label and if you really, really want to feel it, volunteer to personally hand a dictionary to a fourth grader.

That is Impact.


Weekly Newsletter | August 8, 2018

August 8 – Salem Convention Center

Program – National Perspective

How do economic policies on the federal level impact our economy statewide and in our communities? What will it mean for the Federal Reserve to increase interest rates and why do they need to do it anyway? Will recent tax cuts figure into actions the Federal Reserve takes – and if so, how?

Nationally recognized economist, Dr.Tim Duy, will be speaking to our club this week. Dr. Duy has worked in Washington, D.C. for the United States Department of Treasury as an economist in the International Affairs division and later with the G7 Group, a political and economic consultancy for clients in the financial industry. In the latter position, he was responsible for monitoring the activities of the Federal Reserve and currency markets.

Program Chair: Karen Lewis

Message from President Rus

For those of you that made our meeting at the pavilion last week, I hope you had a good time. The weather was absolutely perfect, nothing beats picnic food, and Bill Woodward’s program on Shelterbox and Rotary’s involvement was awesome. His stories were truly inspiring and a clear demonstration of the impact we make globally through supporting Rotary International.

Through president-elect Tammy Dennee’s leadership, our program committee is focused on providing a slate of diversified, educational, inspirational and down right fun programs. This week is no different as we have the privilege of a nationally known authority, Dr. Tim Duy, who can bring the big picture of national economic policies into focus at a closer to home level. This is a can’t miss program!

Rotary has a theme for each month of the year and August is New Membership & Engagement Month. In that spirit, I ask that each of you make a point of extending a greeting and offer of support to our newest club members. It is not hard, just take a look around your table Wednesday and if there is someone you don’t know [not hard in a club our size], introduce your self and ask how the Rotary experience is going. It’s the path to new friendships and an opportunity to make an impact…..that builds engagement.

Hope to see you tomorrow,


Weekly Newsletter | July 31, 2018

August 1 – Rotary Pavilion, Riverfront Park

Program – ShelterBox and Rotary – There When Disaster Strikes

Rotary partners with ShelterBox all over the world (including the US) whenever a disaster displaces people. Shelterbox has grown to include more than just a tent. Bill Woodard will describe what Shelterbox does and how it and its Rotary partners are being an inspiration.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Message from President Rus

Wow, last week’s meeting was quite an affair. Thanks, again, to the board and committee members who so eagerly volunteered to showcase their respective activities. I cannot emphasize enough the power of these committees in providing us the inspiration to make an impact either locally or globally, a fundamental piece of why we are Rotarians. The feedback I’ve received is very positive with many members signing up on new committees…. yahoo engagement in action!

Well this week, we’ve got a couple of other opportunities. First, it is time for our annual picnic at the Pavilion, a chance to see and use our awesome contribution to Riverfront Park and the City of Salem. Always a fun time, the informality also promotes the friendships so important to our membership. Yes, to those that can, shorts and t-shirts are in order. On top of that, if you thought it did not get any better, our program will showcase Shelterbox, a program in partnership with Rotary International making a significant impact around the world to those impacted by various disasters. You are financial supporters to this program through your Rotary International contributions each year along with many other benefits.

Come on out, grab a hotdog or hamburger, have some fellowship, and see this remarkable program and what we are doing to make an impact in the world.

See you Wednesday.


Weekly Newsletter | July 24, 2018

July 25 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Club of Salem and YOU!

Rus McCracken, club president, will talk about Rotary Club of Salem and YOU!

Program Chair: Rus McCracken

Message from President Rus

When I first spoke to the club a couple of weeks ago, I talked about the meaning of Rotary and why people join. I mentioned Joseph Kovarik of Cottage Grove, MN who summed it up in eight little, yet very big, words; Improving People’s Lives Locally and Globally Through Service. In other words, through our service, making an impact where ever we can. It is the key reason we are Rotarians, better known as the “Rotary Why.” Our club is large and offers many opportunities for us to find an avenue to serve our Rotary Why. Our club page on DACdb lists 41 committees…quite a menu from which you can choose.

Our meeting tomorrow is intended to feature our service opportunities for two reasons: as a means of awareness to our newer members, and an opportunity for our veteran members to explore fresh avenues to expand their impact and friendships through our great club. Our time is limited, and we cannot exhibit all 41 committees, but you will see and meet fellow club members engaged in our international activities, local efforts, planning/administration/public image, and weekly meetings support.

As we get started tomorrow, take a look at our new 4-Way Test banner in the front of the room. Focus on item numbers 3 and 4. Then look around at the many opportunities on display. Ask yourself if something fits your passion, or Rotary Why, or if there is something you might like to explore. You never know where lightning might strike, but in our club that is a very good thing.


Weekly Newsletter | July 17, 2018

July 18 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Cypress Friendship Exchange Students

Today we will hear from students participating in the Cypress Friendship Exchange Program.

Program Chair: Brenda Kidder

Message from President Rus
Well last Wednesday was a special day. Personally, and as a club, we cannot give enough thanks to Past President Bruce and his leadership team. His recap of accomplishments last year clearly showed us our club made a difference. It was also an honor “officially” welcoming Past District Governor Renee back home to her nest.
I spoke last week about the importance to Rotarians of positive impact globally and locally. It can be easy for us to see our local impacts, but we, as a club, are also quietly making a change to those outside our area. One of our global efforts involves providing opportunities for youth to realize the importance of peace within their communities. This week we will have the privilege of hearing from teens living on the politically-challenged island of Cypress. Our club is one of many that sponsor in-home stays in the US allowing teens from each side of the island safe environments to learn about, and from, each other.
This has been an annual program, is truly inspiring, and one of my favorites. I hope you will join us as we learn from these remarkable kids.

Weekly Newsletter | July 10, 2018

July 11 – Salem Convention Center

Program – 2018-2019 Installation of Officers

Join us as we install the new officers for 2018-19.

Message from President Rus

Greetings my fellow Rotarians and Happy Rotary New Year. First, let me thank you for the opportunity to serve as your president in this, our club’s 99th year. Our program this week is special as we will recognize and thank our leadership stepping down for their fantastic contributions, and welcome your new leadership team. I’m very excited about this talented group of folks you have assembled to lead our club. We had a new board kickoff meeting a couple of weeks ago and I can assure you they are creative, spirited, motivated, and inspiring.

Our club traditionally looks upon the month of July as one of focus on what we, the Rotary Club of Salem, does and why. We will do so this month starting with this Wednesday’s launch of the new year and a program later in July to help you see and understand the many committees and activities within our club.
Once again, thank you for this opportunity, and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you during our 2018-2019 Installation Program tomorrow.

Weekly Newsletter | July 3, 2018

Message from President Bruce Anderson:
Howdy, howdy, howdy, Salem Rotarians!
As we launch a new Rotary year with new Officers and a Board of Directors, it’s my honor to deliver one final President’s message for our weekly E-Blast.

This week, we celebrate our Nation’s Independence from Great Britain . In a letter to his wife, Abigail, John Adams wrote about this day during the early throes of the Revolutionary War:

“It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory.”
What a great reminder for us 242 years later: appreciation for the freedom we have and what it took to get and preserve it.

On a personal note: thanks to you all. I very much appreciate your support this past year for me as your Club President. I was so fortunate to be in this position at this time. I was blessed with an awesome Board team, outstanding Rotarians volunteering to get things done, and the generous financial support you all provided for our club projects enabling us to do the Good Work of Rotary. You, Salem Rotarians, are a loving, giving, wonderful group of people! (Tolerant, too, for putting up with my weak attempts at humor!)

You all clearly showed this year, “Rotary: Making a Difference.” Have fun with friends and fireworks on Independence Day! I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | June 26, 2018

June 27 – Salem Convention Center

Program – The Red Sweater Project

In February of 2018, Rotarians Linda and Warren Bednarz, along with Ron and Kathy Kelemen, traveled to Tanzania to volunteer at the Red Sweater Project with a Willamette University Alumni-planned trip. They spent five days helping at the Mungere Secondary School, which was started by Ashley Holmer, a WU alum. Ashley is the Founding Executive Director and Red Sweater Project CEO, Red Rhino Tours.

The Red Sweater Project is a non-profit organization that collaborates with developing communities in rural Tanzania to create affordable, accessible, and innovative opportunities for secondary education where it currently doesn’t exist for the majority of children.

Hear more about the Red Sweater Project from Ashley as she shares her incredible journey with us.

Program Chair: Linda Bednarz

Message from President Bruce

“A Club That Gets Things Done.” We may have started using that phrase about our club during Ron Keleman’s term as club president. And to me, it accurately and succinctly describes our club’s mindset, if you will, of who we are and that we take action to help people.

This week, we will see the results of your action when you financially support our tremendous Salem Rotary Foundation: Good Works Committee Chair Adam Kohler will announce the recipients of this year’s Small Grants! These awards, ranging from $500 to $1,500 each, will support activities that help our community’s children (fostering creativity, providing sports scholarships for low-income kids, giving basic help for homeless children, and more), support people going through mental health challenges, and get educational tools to people working to move on from their current situation of homelessness. We have some awesome non-profits here in the Salem area doing great work that will be helped by this year’s awards totaling $10,000!

Support for SRF comes in many ways – Bellringers and raffle ticket purchases at our weekly meetings, monthly Sustainer Support, donations at our annual Good Works auction, direct donations, or including SRF in your will.  Your generous support of our own Salem Rotary Foundation enables us to do Good Works in our community, demonstrating so well this year’s RI Theme, “Rotary: Making A Difference.”

I’ll see you Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | June 19, 2018

June 20 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Trash Talk

Reed Carslon, Recycling/Marketing Coordinator from the Mid-Valley Garbage & Recycling Association, says that there are some changes to the mixed recycling program. With changing markets and growing contamination rates, it is important to learn what can and cannot be recycled. There are a few different ways the mixed recycling stream can be contaminated, and this presentation will not only explain what items need to be removed from the mixed recycling containers but also why the decision was made to remove these items.
Program Chair: Holly Berry
Message from President Bruce

Hola, Salem Rotarians!

Do you know that a Mini-United Nations is happening this weekend? You may know it by another name –  the RI Convention! The 109th annual international Rotary convention convenes next Sunday, June 24, in Toronto. It is expected to bring 24,000 Rotary club members from over 175 countries to the city – injecting an estimated $48.5 million (Canadian Dollars) into the local economy!

Reports from past convention-goers note the incredible manner in which this annual meeting focuses on all aspects of Rotary. But notably, it’s the magnitude and diversity of Rotary that comes out. And then there are the speakers. This year’s featured speakers include Former First Lady Laura Bush, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and the CEOs of UNICEF USA and Canada – to name but a few.

We’ll have a few of our own headed up to Toronto – President-Elect Rus, District Governor Renee and many others from around District 5100. We wish them safe travels and hopes for a meeting to help them “Be the Inspiration”! I can hardly wait to hear how things went!

The annual convention really demonstrates that “Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.”

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | June 12, 2018

June 13 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Child Protection Overview

As Rotarians we interact regularly with in-bound and out-bound Youth Exchange students, as well as many other youths in our community. These interactions pose unique situations for wonderful experiences as well as opportunities for risk. Rotary International feels strongly that all Rotarians be aware of the fundamentals of the Youth Protection Policy and today’s program will explore ways to keep youth safe and reduce risk for the Rotarians interacting with them. Dr. Fara Etzel will provide scenarios and information to raise awareness on this timely subject.
Program Chair: Shaney Starr
Message from President Bruce

Hi, Salem Rotarians!

Last week, I highlighted the importance of clean drinking water given our area’s recent issue with its supply. It has been challenging for many to say the least. Businesses and households alike have had to make significant accommodations. This, though, has been a great learning experience for us all to see a vulnerability in this key system, what is needed to replace that supply, and how we have (or have not) prepared for this emergency.

I want to give a shout-out to the people at the city who have been closely involved in this matter during this crisis. They didn’t create this system or the situation. But they are key people I am thankful for are in place to lead us through this issue towards an eventual solution. That’s what problem-solvers do: when confronted with a challenge, they work to overcome. Rotarians like Steve Powers, our City Manager, and Chuck Bennett, our Mayor – thank you for your leadership and guidance on this important issue for our city. When we clear this emergency, I know they will be working to improve this key system.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | June 5, 2018

June 6 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Mill Creek Corporate Center

Chad Freeman, CEO of SEDCOR, will discuss the Mill Creek Corporate Center, which is the largest “shovel ready” industrial site between Sacramento and Seattle. The Mill Creek Corporate Center is a master-planned 548-acre industrial site located near Interstate 5 and just 45 miles south of Portland. The project offers large distribution sites, business and industrial parks, and a commercial core offering restaurants, banking, and other services for the corporate   center occupants. Flex-space, manufacturing sites, warehousing, and offices are offered in a spacious, planned environment. Companies that have already invested include: FedEx, PacTrust, Henningsen Cold Storage Co., The Home Depot and Amazon.
Program Chair: Sue Bloom
Message from President Bruce

Hallo, my fellow Rotarians!

Our club has been actively engaged in bringing clean drinking water to Haiti for the past several years. We have helped build wells and are undertaking a new project to build more wells and bathrooms. Shout out to Howard Baumann, Cynthia Witham, and Bo Nyleen for leading our club in this very important work, helping the people there recover from the devastating earthquake of 2010.

This past week, we in the Salem area got first-hand experience on the value and importance of clean drinking water. Residents of Salem and a few surrounding areas had their systems impacted after toxins from algae were detected and restrictions imposed.

While situations in Salem and Haiti are different, having access to good drinking water is a universal necessity. It’s one of those basic, critical infrastructure systems we all need for life. My hope is that we can reflect on the situation that cropped up here locally and possibly have a snippet of what the people of Haiti have been enduring for nearly eight years. And gaining more understanding of people in other parts of the world, to me, is one of the great things about Rotary.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | May 29, 2018

May 30 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation

Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom’s mission is to help students grow in their knowledge of agriculture, the environment and natural resources, and work to bridge the rural-urban divide of our state. Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom works with K-12 educators in all types of educational settings across the state providing resources and facilitating programs with the goal to help our future citizens understand and appreciate Oregon agriculture. Executive Director Jessica Jansen will discuss the foundation, specific programs and the need for agriculture education in our state.
Program Chair: Tammy Dennee
Message from President Bruce

Best wishes, Salem Rotarians!

Monday, May 28, we commemorated Memorial Day. It is a solemn time of year for us to remember and reflect on the sacrifices of those men and women in the military who died in service to this nation. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it started as a time set aside to decorate the graves of the war dead from the Civil War. It evolved almost immediately into a nationwide celebration to honor America’s fallen warriors.

Some use this as a time to visit cemeteries and commemorate loved ones and family members who have left us. In my household, we tune to CSPAN to see the President place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then watch the ceremony that follows in the adjacent amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetary. It is a stirring event as veterans of foreign wars and family members come together to honor those who gave all.

RI’s Theme this year is “Rotary: Making a Difference.” Each of us should seek to make a difference in the lives around us. And at this time of year, I’m very thankful for the men and women who died to preserve our freedom. They truly made a difference – for past, current, and future generations of Americans.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | May 22, 2018

May 23 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Student-Run Meeting

Our “students of the month” from North Salem and South Salem High Schools will run this meeting.

Program Chair: Ryan Collier

Message from President Bruce

Hi ya, Salem Rotarians!

“Incredible,” “Well-done,” “Outstanding,” “One of the best conferences I’ve attended,” “Salem Rotary did a fantastic job!” These were just a few of the declarations I heard from visiting Rotarians during and after the District 5100 Conference this past weekend at the Salem Convention Center. What a great meeting that was well-planned, organized, and carried out by an outstanding team!

The theme of the conference: “Leadership, Service, Friendship.” Those three tenets were carried throughout breakout sessions, concurrent sessions, and main platform sessions. Speakers conveyed words of affirmation, inspiration, congratulation, and aspiration.

The line-up of speakers was impressive and delivered a packed program day-in and day-out: Mayor and fellow Salem Rotarian, Chuck Bennett; District Governor Renee Campbell; RI President Ian Risely’s Representative Anne Mathews; Rotary Peace Scholar Taylor Cass Talbott; Oregon Community Foundation President Max Williams; numerous breakout session speakers; and then, Saturday night, Stacy Allison, the first American woman to summit Mt. Everest, delivered a powerful message of moving Beyond our Limits.

With the vision of DG Renee, our rock star conference committee team was led by Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee and Mary Way. There were many moving parts woven together so nicely that resulted in a superlative program. A great team of volunteers joined forces, rolled up their sleeves, and made everything happen. As DG Renee said again and again, “Rotary doesn’t do anything; ROTARIANS do!” Well done, Salem Rotarians!

Thanks to everyone in our Rotary Club of Salem and fellow Rotarians from other clubs who made this happen!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | May 17, 2018

May 18 – Salem Convention Center

Program – No Club Meeting on Wednesday – Please Attend Friday District Conference Instead

As is our custom when the District 5100 District Conference is held in Salem, we cancel our regular Wednesday meeting and hold it, instead, on Friday during the conference. With the District Conference coming tthis week (May 18 – 20), that means our meeting for Wednesday, May 16 will be held, instead, on Friday, May 18 as part of the District Conference.

We hope you’ve registered for the lunch – this will be a great meeting and a great kickoff to our District Conference. Hope to see you all there!
Message from President Bruce

Hey there, Salem Rotarians!

Will you be there? At the District 5100 Conference, taking place May 18-20, right here in Salem? Sure hope so! This will be an amazing celebration of the Rotary year and a wonderful way to commemorate and celebrate a great year for our very own club member, past president, and District Governor, Renee Campbell! Spectacular speakers, fantastic fellowship, and a particularly superlative program! Don’t miss it!

We can use your help if you can spare some time – to help greet and guide people and take tickets (see who to contact in Announcements below). And don’t forget that this week’s club meeting takes place on Friday, May 18.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Weekly Newsletter | May 8, 2018

May 9 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Willamette Academy: Our Vision Forward

New Academy Director and 2009 Willamette alumnus, Emilio Solano, will give us an update on transitions at the Willamette Academy. Emilio has just overseen the move of Academy operations to the West Wing of Smith Auditorium on campus.
Program Chair: Jim Booth
Message from President Bruce
Greets, Salem Rotarians!
We are T-Minus 11 days and counting until Salem hosts the District 5100 Conference, May 18 to 20, at the Salem Convention Center! Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee and Mary Way, in concert with District Governor Renee Campbell and a great team of volunteers, have prepared a packed and fulfilling program. Check it out at
Have you registered? It’s not too late but time is ticking away. Log on at DACdb, click the “Calendar” tab, scrolling down the page to May 18-20, and click the “Register Now” link.
Volunteer opportunities abound and we need you there, too! If you haven’t signed up to help, please see one of our chairs for one or more shifts.
This conference will be a great time of Rotary Fellowship and Celebration . . . right here in our backyard! Don’t miss it!
I’ll see you at Rotary!

Weekly Newsletter | May 1, 2018

May 2 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Sprague High School Concert Choir

We welcome Sprague High School’s Concert Choir today.

Program Chair: Karl Raschkes
Message from President Bruce
Hey howdy hey, Salem Rotarians!
“Rotarian at Work” was on the shirts and on display this past weekend as fellow club members gathered to plant trees in West Salem. Thanks to Jayne Downing for heading up this terrific project to help our club meet RI Pres. Ian’s challenge to plant one tree for each Rotarian!
But “Rotarian at Work” can take many forms – raising dollars at auctions for Good Works projects, fellowshipping at parties (with your beverage of choice!), moving dirt to build playgrounds, planting trees, or helping at the District Conference. As a “Club that gets things Done,” Rotary Club of Salem does so in in many ways!
Speaking of the District 5100 Conference coming to Salem later this month . . . WE NEED YOU! If you haven’t yet signed up to help, please see one of our chairs for one or more shifts to be a Greeter & Guide for visiting Rotarians at the Convention Center . . . or help judge Youth Exchange Speeches (David Deckelmann has dinner lined up if you do!) . . . or in many other ways. Let’s put a shining star on a great year for our fellow club member, past president, and current District Governor Renee Campbell!
Thank you all for your generosity, hard work, and dedication to our Club!
I’ll see you at Rotary!

Click here to read more.


Weekly Newsletter | April 24, 2018

April 25 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – Hallie Ford Museum of Art Update

The Hallie Ford Museum of Art at Willamette University opened its doors in the fall of 1998, and over the past 20 years, has emerged as one of the best small college museums of art in the country. Director John Olbrantz will highlight some of HFMA’s significant accomplishments over the past two decades and will share his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Program Chair: Jim Booth
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce
Hey there, Salem Rotarians!
Please see the message in this week’s EBlast from Jayne Downing about an upcoming service project – it is cool beans! Huge thanks to Jayne for spearheading this project!
On a related tree topic, I encourage you to check out the April edition of The Rotarian. It’s all about trees: starting with RI Pres Ian’s column where he recounts a story from the 1990 RI Convention in Portland, Oregon (wow!) about then President-elect Paulo Costa’s call to plant trees. Then there is article after article on different trees, benefits of trees, and more. The Rotarian is a great resource I hope you are reading and using.
I’ll see you at Rotary!

Click here to read more.


Weekly Newsletter | April 17, 2018

April 18 – Salem Convention Center

Program – District Conference Update

Renee Campbell shares opportunities for district service, including becoming District Governor, and some of her experiences and responsibilities, including the upcoming District Conference hosted by our club next month.

Read more about Renee’s journey in Rotary.

Program Chair: Tammy Dennee
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Hiya, Salem Rotarians!

Y’all have been hearing and seeing a lot about the District 5100 Conference that Salem is privileged to host in just over a month. And what a fantastic way to fellowship with Rotarians from around our district (about 500 or so of our closest friends), hear from extraordinary speakers (like Oregon’s own Stacy Allison, who was the first female to summit Mt. Everest), and experience much of what is going on in Rotary International. What an awesome event this will be  . . . right in our backyard at the Salem Convention Center!

So, where can you fit in and help?

Just send an email to any (or all) of these folks with your interest in helping out.

Also, sponsorships are still needed, available, and very welcome! Sponsorships keep costs low to the district, help conduct a great meeting with awesome speakers, and gives your business exposure to a great group of business people – who are also fellow Rotarians! Contact Chris Achtermanfor more details and to join in.  Please and thank you!

You will not want to miss a moment of the extraordinary experience lined-up by Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee, Mary Way, and District Governor Renee Campbell! And if you can help as a volunteer for a shift or two, you maintain our Rotary Club of Salem’s tradition as “A Club that Gets Things Done!”

Thanks and I’ll see you at Rotary!

Click here to read more.


Weekly Newsletter | April 10, 2018

April 11 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Salem-Keizer School Bond

We will hear from Superintendent Christy Perry about the bond for the Salem-Keizer School District.

Program Chair: Chuck Swank
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Howdy, howdy, Rotarians!

Are you following our Rotary Club on Social Media? Well, if you’re not I invite you to do so and Like our pages (see below). On our Rotary Club of Salem Facebook page, we recently received a wonderful note from one of our past Outbound Exchange Students, Mathew Adair.

Here’s what Mathew wrote to us: “Hello! I am not sure many of you remember me, I was an Exchange student back in 2000. My sister was also an Exchange student a few years later. I’m just writing to say I really miss those times. You guys paid for almost all of my trip, and it still is one of the best memories of my life. I hope to visit Oregon again some time this year and would love to stop by.”  

Brenna Baucum, one of our outstanding communications team members who keeps track of our Facebook page, nailed it in her reply: “You just made the day of many long time members of our club. We would absolutely love to have you whenever your path leads back to Oregon!” Indeed we would!

It’s great to hear from folks like that who underscore the importance of Rotary Making a Difference in their lives.

By the way, here are the various avenues of Social Media that our Rotary Club is on:
-Facebook:  Salem (Or.) Rotary Club
-Twitter: @SalemRotary
-Instagram: rotaryclubofsalem

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Click here to read more.


Weekly Newsletter | April 3, 2018

April 4 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Opioid Crisis: National Perspective, Cong. Walden

The opioid crisis continues to garner headlines, both locally and across the country. As a follow up to the club’s February 21 opioid program, Oregon Congressman Greg Walden will offer a national perspective on the issue. A fellow District 5100 Rotarian, Congressman Walden chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, the body that has jurisdiction over federal legislation related to health care and specifically opioid misuse. On March 21 and 22 the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held hearings on 20 bills related to opioids with the goal of having legislation before the full House by Memorial Day. Congressman Walden will provide an update on key legislation likely to move forward this year.

Program Chair: John McCulley
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce


Greetings to you all, Salem Rotarians!

This past weekend, folks gathered together for Passover and Easter, one of the holiest times of the year: scriptures recited, prayers delivered, and meals served. It’s that last point I want to tie-in with our annual food drive as it winds down, highlighting our club’s effort for the people of our community accessing Marion-Polk Food Share’s valuable service.

First, where is Rotary Club of Salem at donation-wise?Well, we’re doing a phenomenal job! So far, 104 Downtown Rotarians have participated meaning . . .

-Contributions: $35,000, equaling over 100,000 meals;
-30% of our 50% goal for Monthly Sustainers;
-Close to 70% of our goal of 100% of club members participating as donors.

As the largest Rotary Club in this area, this is great leadership you all are providing! If you haven’t taken part yet, there’s another opportunity at this week’s meeting. And the difference you’ll make in the lives of people in Marion and Polk Counties will be enormous.

So where do those donations go? Shelters, food pantries, and other agencies accessed by our low-income neighbors. The impact of these meals is impossible to let slide. Meals are provided at shelters where people may have little else, or the support helps families who may be recovering from a traumatic situation, or maybe a household that can only afford to put 10 meals a week on their table. MPFS takes our cash donations and multiplies them in extraordinary ways to feed even more people than direct food donations (although they appreciate those as well!).

Brent Nielsen, our Food Drive Chair, related an interesting perspective on this. “As a parent, we have all had the experience of leaving a little more for our kids, but when the cupboard is bare that takes on a painful poignancy.  In a country as wealthy as ours, in a community with the agricultural plentitude of ours – hunger should not be a foreign concept.”

Keep up the great work, my fellow Rotarians. We are helping to bring a valuable, basic necessity to people who need it . . . and Making a Difference.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | March 27, 2018

March 28 – Salem Convention Center

Program – State of the City Address

This week we will hear the annual State of the City address by Salem’s Mayor, Chuck Bennett
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Howdy, Salem Rotarians!


Greets, Salem Rotarians!

Rotary provides outstanding leadership training we can take and apply to so many aspects of our workplaces and lives. Some incredible opportunities are coming soon to get on your calendar:

-District Training Assembly, April 14, Forest Grove High School. This one day conference is packed full of training sessions to educate you on your area of involvement in Rotary as well as show you other offerings of our worldwide organization – a great way to explore other avenues of service in Rotary all in one day! Get the latest info, hear from amazing leaders, and get to know Rotarian leaders from across our district. Go to DACdb to register.

District Conference, May 18-20, Salem Convention Center. Conveniently located this year right in our backyard, this year’s annual conference will feature top notch speakers, fulfilling programs, and fellow leaders from across our state. As the host club for this conference and District Governor Renee Campbell, we have a great opportunity to showcase our Salem area and the Willamette Valley to fellow Rotarians across Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington.  (By the way, the Youth Exchange Talent Show Friday evening is something you won’t want to miss!). This conference will be the capstone to a terrific Rotary year! Sign up today –

-Rotary Emerging Professionals Summit, May 17, Salem Convention Center. The day before the conference gets underway, this one-day session will bring together emerging professionals (under 40) and club leaders to strategize new ways to engage and attract younger members to keep our Rotary clubs strong and vibrant.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | March 20, 2018

March 21 – Salem Convention Center

Program – 2018 Outlook and Trends in Downtown Salem Commercial Real Estate

Retail businesses and commercial real estate in Downtown Salem and other parts of our community have seen significant changes lately. Where retail is and where it’s going is a moving target – case in point: the recently-announced closure of the downtown Salem Nordstrom’s store, one of the anchor businesses of our downtown. We will hear from one of the top experts, Curt Arthur, Managing Director for Salem’s SVN Commercial Advisors. One of the top commercial realtors in the Willamette Valley, Curt will discuss current trends with a focus on downtown Salem along with providing an outlook for upcoming issues. Read more about Curt.
Program Chair: Warren Bednarz
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Howdy, Salem Rotarians!


For me, this came to mind as we hosted my oldest daughter and some of her friends for an overnight at our home during their break from college in LA. They had a great time together at dinner, afterwards playing games and talking, and then, on a trip to Portland the next day.

Well, we have amazing fellowship as Salem Rotarians, don’t we? Wonderful weekly meetings, vocational tours (next up: Swiftcare in West Salem; social time afterwards at Xicha Brewing [thanks, Claudia Vorse]), firesides (thank you, Teresa Lulay), blood drives (thanks, Tim Nissen), bell ringing for the Salvation Army (thanks, Fred Gates and Capt. Dan), Hands-on Projects (thanks, Sue Bloom), our Winer activities (thanks, Holly Berry and crew), and many more. And, why are these so darn great times? A few reasons: they’re activities where we’re working to help others, raise funds for good causes, or where we’re coming together to simply enjoy the company of neat people who share the common goals, objective, and mission of Rotary.

Thank you all for our time together in fellowship in this distinct organization – standing for truth and fairness, building goodwill and bettering friendships, and serving others.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | March 13, 2018

March 14 – Salem Convention Center

Program – McKay High School Jazz Band

The McKay Jazz Band will be performing for the Rotary program on March 14. The Jazz Band is directed by their teacher – J.J. Meyer and is recognized as one of the best Jazz Bands in Oregon.  This is a program that all the Rotarians will enjoy. Please come to hear them.

Program Chair: Karl Raschkes

PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Hallo, Salem Rotarians!

How exciting is this: the District 5100 Conference, May 18-20, will be held right in our own backyard of Salem, Oregon! You’ll hear from inspirational speakers, have outstanding service opportunities led by key Rotary leaders, and experience tremendous fellowship as Rotarians from all over District 5100 gather in Salem.

The conference theme, “Leadership, Service, Friendship,” succinctly underscores what you will find at this key Rotary meeting. Hats off to the conference committee, chaired by our club’s own Tammy Dennee, and District Governor Renee Campbell for pulling together an outstanding line-up of speakers and activities.

Hosting the district conference in our home town also gives us the ability to be there to support our fellow club member and DG Renee! Let’s turn out in big numbers for what will be a fantastic meeting! Be watching your mail box and email for your registration. Or just click on the link in this week’s eblast. We can use your help as a volunteer at the conference. Sign-up sheets will be out at club meetings.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | March 6, 2018

March 7 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Salem for Refugees
Doug and Anya Holcomb, co-directors of Salem for Refugees, will give an overview of the global refugee crisis, refugee resettlement in Salem, and current efforts by the Salem community to welcome refugees and empower them to thrive in our city. They will share the mission and vision of Salem For Refugees, an organization that facilitates a coordinated effort between refugee resettlement agencies, faith communities, businesses, non-profits, government organizations, and community members. They will also discuss opportunities to get involved and support our newest neighbors.

Program Chair: Shaney Starr

PresMsgMessage from President Bruce
Hola, Salem Rotarians!

Hope – something we all need in this world and something Rotary helps to facilitate. This past week, I heard recurring themes of hope:
-Numerous statements of hope at a memorial service for a beloved longtime religious leader;
-Inspirational comments from people in the Salem community honored at the Salem First Citizens Banquet, recognizing their leadership in our community in service to others;
-Hope in the programs and laws being supported in the current Session of the Oregon Legislature to help people needing vital services; and,
-The hopeful message we heard last week as we kicked off our food drive for Marion-Polk Food Share.

It’s really the basics, nothing flashy, that makes a difference in people’s lives, isn’t it? And provides hope to people in tough and challenging life situations by delivering clean drinking water, protection against disease, help from violence and assault, and shelter and food. The things we support as Rotarians are basic needs and necessities. Which then provides hope for people seeking or desiring to change their situations and lives.

Thank you for your generous support with your finances and time as Rotary is making a difference in this world.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | February 27, 2018

February 28 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – Opioid Crisis: Oregon Perspective

Program – Annual Food Drive Kickoff

Please join us as we kick-off the annual Rotary food drive!

Program Chair: Renee Campbell

Greets, Salem Rotarians!

With all the things transpiring in politics and around the world, isn’t it great to be part of an organization like Rotary? A group that supports peace, brings basics to the less fortunate, and helps to cure terrible disease? An organization that is about Truthfulness, Fairness, Building Goodwill and Friendships, and benefiting all concerned? For me, Rotary and our weekly meetings are special and I greatly appreciate you, my fellow Rotarians, for making it so.

A recent gathering as Rotarians that was also special was our Good Works Auction. What a wonderful time of fellowship and fundraising, making possible the good works we are able to conduct as a club. The generosity of everyone in attendance and those who donated but couldn’t attend was awesome! Thank you all! Those donations make it possible for us to support . . .
-Peace-building in Cyprus;
-Providing literacy tools for kids (dictionaries for grade schoolers; children’s books for Salem Library and shelters);
-Building physical fitness facilities for youth in this community;
-Helping homeless families and young people transition to a better life;
-Developing future leaders in this community;
-And so much more.

Together, we are Making A Difference . . . for people in Salem and around the world!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | February 20, 2018

February 21 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – Opioid Crisis: Oregon Perspective
Dr. Paul Coelho, medical director of Salem Health’s Pain  Clinic, will discuss the opioid issue from his vantage point. He will be accompanied by Josh Steenstra, program manager at the Pain Clinic.
Program Chair: Tim Murphy

Good day to you all, Salem Rotarians!

Rotary designated February as “Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month.” Rotary’s commitment to the issue of Peace is relevant now as never before given the level of conflicts in so many parts of the world (I would also include the USA on that list, too).

Our club decided a few years ago, under the leadership of Val Keever, to engage in peace building on the island of Cyprus. Supported annually by our club, the Cyprus Friendship Program brings together youths from both sides of that island’s conflict – Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The goal is to help these young people see that folks on the other side of the fence are just like them.  And, hopefully, bring peaceful co-existence to that island. It’s great to hear these young folks present at a club meeting about their perspectives and thoughts as they take part in the CFP. It inspires and provides hope!

Another program on Peace to point out is last week’s meeting where we heard from fellow Salem Rotarian Sandra Burnett. Her comments were so poignant and enriching as we heard about life in and around South Africa during the time of the awful system of Apartheid. I was inspired hearing about the artists, protestors (peaceful in most cases), and leaders in South Africa that successfully defeated that terrible system of oppression. And while Apartheid has ended, we have a ways to go in this country and around the world towards peaceful resolution and better understanding among peoples.

Click on the links below for more information on this important topic for us all as residents of this planet:
Rotary’s Commitment to Peace
Cyprus Friendship Program

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | February 13, 2018

February 14 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Peace Building in Zimbabwe

Among the many treasures we have in our members is Sandra Burnett, whom we know as the Executive Director of the Salem Art Association.  But Sandra has lived a remarkable life before coming to Salem, as well, and this week, we will have the opportunity to hear a bit more about a portion of her life and work. Sandra has a heart for social justice and the transformative power of art.  Born in Cape Town, South Africa, and leaving as a young adult during the apartheid era, she returned within a few years to found the African Institute of Art, in Soweto/Johannesburg.  This institution was conceived and developed as the first facility to offer college level education in the visual arts to under-resourced black art students in the area. She also was co-founder and Executive Director of the Bag Factory Studios, a Johannesburg nonprofit providing workshops, studios, and learning opportunities in the visual arts.  Sandra collaborated with Leah Tutu, activist and wife of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, along with many other individuals committed to serve their communities, and will share stories and photos with our Rotary Club this week.

Program Chair: Deb Patterson

Cheers, Salem Rotarians!

Were you there, last Saturday at our Good Works Auction? If you weren’t able to join us, let me tell you – what an awesome event it was! Here’s the recap:
-Fellowship: Rotarians, friends, and community supporters! Golly, what a great deal of fun with the buzz in the room as we gathered together for a great cause – The Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater and support for literacy and youth programs!
-Food and Beverages! Home run by the Convention Center – wonderful food, stellar service – and wonderful wine from Willamette Valley Vineyards!
-Fun! Bidding up the awesome array of items at the Silent Auction tables and the Oral Auction led by auctioneer extraordinaire, Al Davidson!  And Tim Murphy with an amazing Paddle Raise moment in the middle of it all. Oh my goodness – everyone pitched in on that!

Thank you sponsors!
Title Sponsor: The H Group
Major Sponsors: Maps Credit Union, Anderson Shirley Architects, Boldt Carlisle & Smith CPAs, Huggins Insurance, NW Natural, Salem Health
In Kind Sponsors: Green Acres Landscape, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Select Impressions,
Print Specialties, NewsHawk Media
Friendship Sponsors: Amerititle, C&R Remodel, Capital Financial Planners, First Call Home Health Care, Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service, Grove, Mueller & Swank CPAs, O’Neil Pine, Salem Convention Center, Sherman Sherman Johnnie & Hoyt Attorneys, Western Oregon University

Thank you to our Event Team!
Tammy Dennee, Jenn Columbus, Chane Griggs, Laura Aguero, Holly Berry, Steve Broncheau, David Deckelman, Barby Dressler, Lauren Gutierrez, Jessica Ickes, Robbin Kerner, Brenda Kidder, Michelle Lehr, Shane Saunders, Chuck Swank, Claudia Vorse, Linda Wooters!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | February 6, 2018

February 7 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Believe Foundation, Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Marion County Sheriff Myers and Under-Sheriff Clausen will present on the Believe Foundation. “Believe” shares a sense of optimism within all circumstances – building and inspiring a better community.  It’s about taking advantage of opportunities to make a difference in the darkest moments.  “Believe” was formed so that in those moments, officers have the power to infuse good into bad, create positive from negative, give hope where there is difficulty.

Program Chair: Sheila Lorance

Greetings, Salem Rotarians!

As we start the month of February, we are that much closer to the Feb. 10 Good Works Auction – t-minus 5 days and counting! Still need to buy tickets? Just click right here! Below is another marvelous poem from our own Club Member Brenna Baucum delivered at last week’s meeting, noting this awesome event and our amazing sponsors.  Enjoy!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

By Brenna Baucum

While our sponsors support us, they can also support you,
Through a lifetime of needs for you and yours.
Let’s take it from the birth to return to the earth,
So that you can patron their doors.

Your baby is born, cruising into the world,
Salem Health provides their very first home.
As they grow you drink the wine, provided in-kind
By Willamette Valley Vineyards, where the winers roam.

Then before you know it, you’re baby’s a teen,
Opening their first account over at MAPS.
Then an education at WOU, charged straight to you,
Good advice from Capital Financial helps keep you on track.

Your career at O’Neill Pine is a great success,
Thanks to marketing help from Print Specialties.
Your biggest events worth the dollars and cents,
As NewsHawk and The Convention Center helped make them realities.

Meanwhile your once-babe calls you and says,
“I need help paying bills, please don’t cut me off.”
So to NW Natural you cut a check, assure babe they’re no pain in the neck,
Then call Boldt Carlisle to see if it’s a write-off.

Life it moves on, you work with AmeriTitle and then,
Anderson Shirley builds your dream home.
Huggins gets you insured and with policy secured,
You hire Green Acres to create space for your garden gnome.

Time carries on, your babe’s now an adult,
Bothering you to get a plan in place.
You meet with The H Group to help get the full scoop,
Then Sherman and Sherman so you can age with grace.

It’s time to modify your custom home for your old body now,
C&R Design installs some ramps and some bars.
First Call helps you stay in your home, so you can enjoy your gnome,
And Grove, Mueller, Swank itemizes while you write your memoirs.

Surrounded by family, you close your eyes for the last time,
Rotarians seeing you through to the very end.
And no worries from here, Virgil T Golden is near,
With Select Impression printed eulogies to pass out to your friends.

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Weekly Newsletter | January 30, 2018

January 31 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Foster Care

Our speaker, Ormond Fredricks, District 3 Child Welfare Manager, Department of Human Services, will discuss basic data about children in the foster care system, the trends driving the decrease in available foster homes, the top reasons for children coming into care, and most importantly, the myriad of ways the community can help care for OUR children.

Program Chair: Shaney Starr

Howdy, howdy, howdy, Salem Rotarians!

We are t-minus 12 days and counting until “Good Works Auction – Setting the Stage!” Bought your tickets or tables yet? If not, there’s plenty of time. Just click right here! As we learned last week, the T-Rex’s are coming for ya’ to help make that happen!

(We have great fun at Rotary and if you missed that meeting, you missed a fun reminder to get tickets . . . with dancin’, boogeyin’ dinosaurs! So go here to get yours now!)

Wouldn’t it be great to max out the convention center for this awesome event – having a great time while raising dollars for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater and other good works our club supports?

At our Jan. 22 meeting, we heard inspirational info about the difference our club has made in our community through recent Good Works’ support – the homeless teens served by Salem Community Action Agency, the homeless families assisted through St. Francis Shelter, huge support for literacy in our area, fostering peace in the world through the Cyprus Friendship Program, and the Amphitheater project to celebrate Rotary’s Centennial in Salem as a gift to our community – just to name a few.

But we need you and your friends there . . . Feb. 10, 2018, to help make things happen, to raise dollars for future Good Works projects, and help Rotary Make a Difference. Please and thank you!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

[P.S. Can’t make it? We’ll miss you but we can definitely use your financial support. You can go online here to make a donation. THANKS!]

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Weekly Newsletter | January 23, 2018

January 24 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Good Works/Amphitheater

Today’s program will encompass an overview of past Small Grant Recipients and highlight of a few of the major Auction Items showcased in the oral portion of the Good Works Event.  An update concerning the Amphitheater will be provided by Past President Barry Nelson.
Program Chair: Chane Griggs

Say there, Salem Rotarians!

What’s your niche for Rotary? Basically, the area you want to get involved that has grabbed you and you go – “YES! This is the aspect/activity/project of Rotary for me!”

Well, if you haven’t gotten there yet, can I ask a favor? Please keep looking and thinking about it and talking to fellow Rotarians. Explore our website or Rotary International’s website. There are so many aspects of this wonderful organization on which we can use your interest and energy! Plus, we want and need you to get involved.

We have . . .
Committees (too many to list here!);
Projects (like . . . clean drinking water projects in Haiti, polio inoculations, tree plantings in the Salem area, hands-on work, literacy projects, and more); and,
Events (Good Works Auction, 2/10/18; District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018).

Also, our weekly meetings could use some extra hands to help out: leading songs, greeting and cashier table help – just to mention a few. And, committees – did I mention committees? Check ’em out here.

It’s awesome, in my opinion, to give because you get back so much more. With Rotary, we’re working together with like-minded folks here in Salem and over one million others around the world to Make a Difference in the lives of all.

Rotary Club of Salem is “The Club that Gets Things Done.” So, if you’re not active yet in one or more Rotary committees, projects, or activities, please roll up your sleeves and dig in! You’ll be glad you did!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | January 16, 2018

January 17 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – Wildfires in Oregon: What’s Happening?

Oregon and much of the West burned with great intensity in  2017. Some of the state’s most iconic vistas turned black as fires ravaged  hundreds of thousands of acres. Mike Cloughesy, Director of Forestry for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute in Portland, will discuss the issues confronting forest managers in addressing how to prevent and control wild fires.
Program Chair: John McCulley

Hey there, Salem Rotarians!

DID YOU KNOW . . . it’s less than 30 days til it happens – our club Good Works Event, “Setting the Stage!” Go online here to buy your tickets and tables!

Important facts:

  • Saturday – Feb. 10, 2018; doors open at 6pm. Just around the corner!
  • Awesome – raising dollars for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater Stage and other terrific good works in our community that our club supports!
  • Legendary – Rotarians always have a great time together!
  • Excellent – wine . . . thanks, Willamette Valley Vineyards!
  • Magnificent – the list of auction items!
  • Ridiculous – the amount of fun you will have!
  • Outstanding – the venue . . . Salem Convention Center!
  • Tremendous – sponsors! Thank you all!
  • Anniversary – heading towards 100 years of Rotary in Salem!
  • Rockin’ – it will be a night not to be missed!
  • You – will not regret joining us!

This is our one and only fundraiser of the year – and it will be great! DON’T MISS IT!

Thanks to great co-chairs, Tammy Dennee and Jenn Columbus, and their great volunteer committee for pulling this together!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | January 9, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hey, Hi, Ho, Rotarians!

I hope your New Year’s Day went well and that 2018 is off to good start! This week, a subject I want to highlight: the basic things in one’s life.

My family has been “enjoying” recent interesting plumbing issues at our home – the latest was our well needing a new pump. As I watched the well company folks work this past weekend, removing and installing a pump and piping down 100 feet, I could not help but think about our Rotary Club’s support for building wells in Haiti.

Did you know that our club has helped bring clean drinking water and latrines to several areas of Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake? Club members Cynthia Witham, Bo Nyleen, and Howard Baumann saw a need for clean drinking water there and have diligently worked to make that happen. Working with a local Rotary Club in Haiti, they pursued funding through Rotary International Global Grants with matching support from our club, the Rotary Club of Salem, to build several wells. This past year alone, six new wells and a set of latrines were constructed!

Gigantic thanks to our club members for their generous donations that make projects like this possible! Thanks to Bo, Cynthia, Howard, and the rest of folks on the International Service Committee for your work on this important area! Thousands have and will benefit from these wells and latrines, hugely impacting people’s health. Talk about touching lives and “Making a Difference”  . . . a world away from right here in Salem, Oregon. Only through Rotary!

Safe drinking water and access to restroom facilities – simple, basics things but so very essential to our lives – as my family has seen played out in our home.

I’ll see you at Rotary! 

Tomorrow’s Meeting

January 10 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry
Preparing today’s workforce for tomorrow’s jobs can be challenging. Automation is increasing, Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers, and jobs will require different skills. The Chemeketa Center for Business & Industry is addressing these concerns in a variety of ways. From small business assistance to customized training, the programs and services offered by CCBI help employees, managers, and businesses achievesuccess.  Club member Diane McLaran will present.
Program Chair: Linda Bednarz

Weekly Newsletter | January 2, 2018

January 3 Meeting – Salem Convention Center

Program – Mike Batlan, PAC 12 Replay Booth

Michael Batlan of Salem has been a referee and crewchief at the highest level of college football for nine of his 18 years as a Pac-12 official. This season he was promoted by the Pac-12 Conference to work from the San Francisco Command Center collaborating on Instant Replay reviews with the officials at the game sites. Michael will explain his new job, show videos, and take your questions.

Click here to download his handout.

Click here to download his PowerPoint Presentation.

Program Chair: Larry Gray

Message from President Bruce:

Happy New Year, Salem Rotarians!

I hope your holidays have been going well. Bidding farewell to one year and welcoming a new one, a few thoughts:

Membership. I appreciate you all so much for your support as a member of our club! Who can you think of that would be a good fit for Rotary? Who could benefit by being a Rotarian? Who could help us grow as people and Rotarians? It would be great to see more folks join the Rotary Club of Salem, growing our numbers and strengthening our work in Salem and around the world! Please invite them to join us!

Participation. To paraphrase the US Army recruiting poster, “We need you!” There are numerous areas for you to join in – committees, hands-on projects, volunteering for upcoming events (see below). Keep looking if you haven’t found your niche yet. Thanks for your help and support!

Thankfulness. I am most thankful for the way in which you all bless me with your support of the good works our club is doing and will be doing, how you dedicate your time engaging in activities that help those in our society who need it, and the wonderful fellowship and friendship with one another that you display.

Coming Attractions. . .
-“Setting the Stage,” our Good Works event on Feb. 10 will be awesome! Raising dollars for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater and other good works our club is supporting in our community. Have you purchased your tickets yet?
-District 5100 Conference comes to Salem May 18-20. We will need all hands on deck for this one to help showcase Salem and support District Governor Renee Campbell.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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Weekly Newsletter | December 26, 2017

Message from President Bruce

‘Twas the last week of December, and all through Rotary,
Salem Rotarians were resting after a great year of service, you see.
Generously given was time, talent, and treasure that made things matter,
Let’s look back and see what caused all that clatter.

Tree of Joy gifts to deserving children and Oregon Hospital patients given with care,
Kettles filled for Salvation Army at our meeting and on the Kohl’s bridge there.
Hands-on projects performed, vocational tours conducted,
Dictionaries labeled and distributed, new members inducted.

With Rotarians stepping forward, and doing so lively and quick,
We can see so easily, good works come together – people do the trick!
Water projects in Haiti, Cyprus Friendship Program students supported,
Peace Poles planted, Inbound Exchange Students hosted, and good news through Bellringers exhorted.

And very exciting, it was announced, to commemorate 100 years of Rotary in Salem:
The Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater! It will be Riverfront Park’s crowning gem!

Ian Riseley started as the new RI Pres, “Making A Difference” as our theme,
Members ’round the world showing that we do so and with pride we all beam.
And Rotary Club of Salem’s Renee Campbell as District 5100 DG,
Leading the way, our District Governor does so graciously, selflessly.

So, glad tidings and good cheer of the season as 2017 draws to a close,
My best wishes to you all in 2018 to conclude this holiday prose.

Cheers . . . And I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

December 27 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Rotary Fellowship
The weekly club meeting will feature a fellowship event today.
Program Chair: Teresa Lulay

Weekly Newsletter | December 19, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to you all, Salem Rotarians!

Whether you celebrate (or not) the holidays at this time of year, isn’t this a great time of fellowship, food, festivities, and music? Our recent meetings have had wonderful programs and opportunities for fellowship. How about asking people you’ve been thinking about inviting to Rotary to join you at our remaining meetings in December? They’ll be great examples of our club’s fellowship and at the one this week, we’ll get to hear from students from other countries about their experiences here in the USA on their Rotary Exchange!

We often say that Rotary is more than a lunch club. From my perspective, Rotary is a unique experience. Why? Well, perhaps it’s the ability of Rotary to do what no other group on Earth is dedicated to doing: serving others, encouraging and living by an example of high ethical standards in all vocations, and helping to build goodwill and peace here in our home of Salem, Oregon and throughout the world.

SPECIAL APPRECIATION. This past week, South Salem High rolled out the red carpet for us with a lovely dining experience by the South Culinary Students in the Library: table linens, holiday centerpieces, plates, silverware and stemware (ever seen that in a library?) enabling us to enjoy the wonderful lunch they prepared and served! Then, a special concert just for us by the outstanding South Chamber Orchestra in the beautifully decorated Rose Auditorium. Huge thanks to South Principal Lara Tiffin and her team for making us so welcome!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

December 20 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Exchange Student Luncheon 
This week we’ll have our Exchange Student Luncheon, along with the Salvation Army bell-ringing at the meeting.

Program Chair: Paul Farrell and Dave Lau


Weekly Newsletter | December 12, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Season’s Greetings, Salem Rotarians!

December and the Winter Holiday Season is in full gear with tree lightings, Menorah lightings, parades, concerts – basically, a wonderful season of fellowship! I thought I would highlight this week our remaining three Rotary meetings in December:

Dec. 13: At South Salem High School (NOTE SPECIAL LOCATION!). Meet in the Library for lunch by the South Culinary Students; then, a seasonal concert for us by the South Chamber Orchestra! The Rose Auditorium is so beautiful at this time of year! Parking is on the street; enter through the main entrance on Church Street. Lunch service starts at 11:45; program will begin extra early that day!

Dec. 20: Annual December Lunch for the Salvation Army! Special lunch featuring prime rib and the works, filling the kettle for the Salvation Army (yes, the band will be there!), and a special program with all Salem-area Rotary In-Bound Exchange Students. DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

Dec. 27: Holiday Fellowship Time! Our Fellowship Team, led by Teresa Lulay, will have a wonderful time of fellowship for you all – always a great meeting!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

December 13 – South Salem High School
Program – South Salem High School Lunch and Music Program
Join us at South Salem High School for lunch in the Library, followed by a Chamber Orchestra performance in the  Rose Auditorium. Lunch will be served by the award-winning SSHS Culinary class, under the guidance of their teacher Laura Hofer. The South Salem HS music program has a long history of excellence in Band, Choir and Orchestra performances. Please come early so you’ll have enough time to eat and enjoy the performance.PLEASE NOTE:
Tomorrow’s meeting (December 13) will be at South Salem High School, 1910 Church St SE, Salem.


  • Lunch service will be in the South Library(on the first floor). It will start earlier at 11:45am. Enter through the main entrance on Church Street.
  • Parking. Be sure to allow extra time to park (it’s on-the-street parking . . . during the school day).
  • Program starts early. We plan on starting the program at 12:05 as we will be treated to a special mini-concert by the South Chamber Orchestra following the served lunch!

As many of you may recall, we’ve held one of our December meetings in the past at South and it has always been a wonderful, holiday Rotary event. How delightful that this has worked out this year! Lunch will be prepared and served by the awesome South Culinary Students followed by a seasonal mini-concert by the outstanding South Chamber Orchestra! (Here’s hoping they’ve decorated the Rose Auditorium as they have in the past. Always beautiful and special!)

We don’t need RSVPs for this meeting but if you are planning on bringing a guest, could you please shoot Chuck Swank an email. Thanks!

Program Chair: Karl Raschkes


Weekly Newsletter | December 5, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Howdy, Salem Rotarians!

As December gets underway (wow, already?), I’m reminded what a special time of year it is: special sweets and pastries, seasonal music and movies, greens for decorating, and much more. Of course, exchanging gifts is another fun activity I look forward to this month. For me, I seem to get more joy giving to others than getting presents. I hope this month has good memories and traditions for you, too.

How are you giving this holiday season? Rotary Club of Salem and Salem Rotary Foundation have many ways that facilitate giving: Tree of Joy (gifts for underprivileged children and for patients at the Oregon State Hospital), ringing the bell for the Salvation Army Kettle Drive, raffle ticket sales and Bellringers at our meetings – to name a few. Also, be sure to look for a letter from SRF President Doug Parham with year-end ways to help fund the good works our club and foundation support.

One other gift-giving idea? Fellowship time at our weekly meetings, allowing us to enjoy one another’s company. Don’t know about you, but I love catching up with fellow Rotarians and seeing our programs. Those meetings are the highlight of my week!

I’ll see you Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

December 6 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Transportation Funding Bill HB2017
Matt Garrett, director of the Oregon Department of Transportation, will join us to speak to the historic and innovative nature of the transportation funding bill – HB 2017.

Program Chair: Tammy Dennee


Weekly Newsletter | November 28, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Ciao, Salem Rotarians!

As we have focused this past month on The Rotary Foundation, it’s worth noting that the gifts to TRF from you all and our fellow Rotarians around the world have brought a force of good to literally save people’s lives. That’s making a difference!

A reminder – if you aren’t yet a sustaining donor to TRF, it’s easy to sign up. Just a little bit each month adds up to enormous levels of help!

Or, just join the effort our TRF Chair Claudia Vorse has been steering us towards: chip in just $10 if you haven’t contributed already and help make Rotary Club of Salem a 100% TRF supported club. That’s a teeny price that will help make a big difference to help end polio, bring clean drinking water, buy medical supplies and support, and so much more.

Thank you for your support for the great works Rotary does here in Salem and around the world. Together, we are making a difference!

I’ll see you Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 29 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Innovations in Leadership:  The Legacy of Oswald West, Governor of Oregon 1911-1915
What can we learn from Gov. Oswald West? There are lessons in leadership that may be useful as we think about leadership today. Gov. Oswald West was one of Oregon’s most colorful leaders. Because of Gov. West, women in Oregon were allowed to vote eight years before suffrage was achieved nationally. His creative language laid the foundation for Oregon beaches to be public and that carried forward to the 1967 Oregon Beach Bill. He was instrumental in bringing together management, labor and the grange to craft a no-fault workers’ compensation bill. He rode his horse to the National Governor’s Convention in Idaho in order to save the taxpayers money. He ate breakfast periodically with the inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary and later when one convicted murderer escaped, he personally tracked him down on horseback near Mary’s Peak. This program will be presented by Rotary member Alison Kelley, a great-granddaughter of Gov. West.

Program Chair: Shaney Starr


Weekly Newsletter | November 21, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Greets, Salem Rotarians!

There are many wonderful things about Thanksgiving and this time of year. For me, it’s a time to reflect on the many things in my life to be thankful for: the blessings of liberty and the freedoms we have in this country; the bounty from our farms and fields which we will enjoy at the Thanksgiving table; the amazing beauty of living in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest; the blessings of my Faith, family and friends; and, life itself.
I am so thankful for Rotary and for you all, my fellow Salem Rotarians. I am blessed to serve with such a caring, loving, supportive, generous group of people who are dedicated to the well-being of their neighbors in this area and those around the world. I am humbled by your examples of work and support for those less fortunate than us. Together, we are working to fight polio, to bring clean drinking water to communities, to help at-risk children and families, and so much more. You all truly demonstrate that Rotary is “Making a Difference.”
Happy Thanksgiving!  I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 22 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Rotary Fellowship Event

Program Chair: Tammy Denee


Weekly Newsletter | November 14, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hello, Salem Rotarians!
Last week’s meeting was very informative giving us all keen insight into The Rotary Foundation during our month of focus on TRF.
Club past president Ron Keleman noted how his involvement with TRF started on a campaign to raise dollars for TRF locally as a club, then to his first Paul Harris Fellowship, which then led him on an amazing journey to understanding the breadth of difference Rotary and TRF makes in the lives of people in some of the most-impoverished areas of the world.  To paraphrase Ron, becoming a sustaining member in TRF, just a bit every month, can lead to a lot over the long-term.
We next saw special videos that brought us powerful messages and images of the different areas of focus that TRF gets involved with through donations of dollars and time: vaccinations against polio, Rotarian doctors from India operating on patients in Africa, micro-lending programs to help Honduran women start their own businesses to support themselves, and supporting and medically treating children in Africa who have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. It’s truly amazing and humbling to see the impact that can be made by combining the time, treasure, and talents of nearly two million Rotarians around the world.
You, too, can help out and do your part – whether that is a large or modest gift, becoming a monthly sustainer, or just bringing a $10 bill to this week’s meeting. Let’s all pitch in and become a 100% club!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 15 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Laura Lindholm, Argentina Exchange Experience

A year ago, Lauren Lindholm was starting her junior year of high school, not with her South Salem High School classmates, but as a Rotary Exchange Student in Argentina. Lauren will recount her adventures during her year representing Rotary and the United States in South America.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Weekly Newsletter | November 7, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there, Salem Rotarians!

November is “The Rotary Foundation” month and thanks to our local TRF Chair, Claudia Vorse, for kicking things off at last week’s meeting. TRF is over 100 years old and has transformed around $3 billion into life-changing, sustainable projects.

How does TRF use your donation? Here are just a few examples:
-With the combined efforts of over 35,000 Rotary Clubs around the world, we’ve been able to come within 99.99 percent of wiping out polio!
-On projects like these which the Rotary Club of Salem has been involved: Training future peacemakers (like Ahmad Mohibbi who we supported as he went through his Rotary Peace Scholar program) and supporting clean water projects (like the ones we’re supporting in Haiti).
Donations to TRF can help save lives and make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

As Claudia said, our goal is to get every Rotarian involved as a supporter – not at the mega donation level – but whatever folks can afford. You could bring a $10 (or more) with you to Rotary this week to chip in and help out. (Fun fact: for every $1 Rotary commits to polio eradication, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $2!)

I’ll see you at Rotary


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 8 – Creekside Dining Room at Salem Health

Program – Rotary Foundation Month

November is TRF month. This week we will hear from our own club member Ron Kelemen, and we will also watch a short video from RI.

Meeting Location – Our meeting will be held in the Creekside Dining Room at Salem Health. This is in Building D, along the creek, north of the Emergency Room building. Parking is available in the parking garage and some on street level. We will have someone at the door of Building D to direct you to the Dining Room.

Program Chair: Claudia Vorse

Weekly Newsletter | October 31, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Salutations, Salem Rotarians!

What an amazing program we had this past week. I’m sorry if you weren’t there but this was a good one:

First, Past President Barry Nelson gave the formal announcement of the name of our Centennial Project: Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater! What a great way to recognize and honor the leadership, time, and service of Gerry in Salem and across the entire State of Oregon. He has led the way on many projects and causes that have made a difference in the lives of so many. Gerry is Badge #1, joining our club in 1958, and is far from slowing down: at the age of 94, he’s at work on a new project: helping to lead the major remodeling of the Salem YMCA.

By the way . . . we’re off and running on the fundraising for the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater. Stay tuned for details on our Good Works event, “Setting the Stage,” coming up Feb. 10, 2018! That will be an awesome gathering of fellowship, fun, and fundraising!

Second, club member and Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock educated us on the importance of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) and their deployment in the Salem-Keizer area. This information could literally save a life. Chief Mike had a crew of Salem Firefighters and EMTs conduct a demonstration on a dummy just as if they were responding to an actual call. Be sure to download the “PulsePoint” app on your phone so you, too, can do your part when someone needs help.

Not able to make the meeting? Check out our online calendar at to see our upcoming programs.

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting

November 1 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Travel Salem

Maricela Guerrero, destination development manager for Travel Salem, will join us and fill us in on what Travel Salem is doing to promote all the great things there are to do in Salem.

Program Chair: Karen Lewis

Weekly Newsletter | October 24, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Aloha, Salem Rotarians!

History for me is a fascinating subject – looking back on events (some good, some pretty bad – so, lessons to learn) but also things going forward. Our recently-released 2017-2018 Club Directory (thanks to editor and publisher, Warren Bednarz!) the front cover had an item that caught my eye – “our 98th Year,” a reminder of our club’s history in this area.

Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris, had a great observation: “Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known by the results it achieves. Think of the people that came before us to lay the foundation of our club in Salem, the lives that have been touched over the years through Salem Rotarian support and work for good in this community as well as around the world – promoting peace, building water projects, and fighting polio. It’s humbling and makes me proud of you all and your support and work for this amazing organization.

As we prepare for our upcoming 100th Anniversary, I’m excited about our Centennial Stage Project at Riverfront Park.  Another milestone in our journey as Rotarians in Salem, this will be an outstanding contribution to the park, dovetailing with the Rotary Pavilion on the north end and the Rotary Playground on the south end next to the Carousel. Whether hosting concerts, speeches, plays, shows, or other events, lives will be touched and impacted through this new addition to this beautiful venue along the Willamette River in the heart of our city. Opening a new chapter for Rotary in Salem . . .

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting

October 25 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – The Public’s Role in Public Safety

The Salem Fire Department has created, with the help of its foundation, a fantastic new program to save lives. The program funds and places Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) in sites and vehicles around the city. Citizens trained in use of the AED use it to revive heart attack victims. Salem Fire Chief Mike Niblock will demonstrate an AED and describe the new Pulse Point App designed to alert trained citizens within one quarter mile of a victim. He will report on results and future developments. Don’t miss this!

Program Chair: Larry Gray

Weekly Newsletter | October 17, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Bonjour, Salem Rotarians!

The Rotary International website is a tremendous resource. If you haven’t visited it lately, head over there and see for yourself. One area to highlight is what we as Rotarians do and what Rotary does for each one of us. Connecting people, transforming communities, solving problems – Rotarians have made and continue to make a difference in the lives of many. Rotary . . . unites over a million persons around the world, engages us all in good works for the benefit of others, and solves problems on a local and global scale.

Through the Rotary Club of Salem website (an awesome site, too!), we connect in fellowship, have engaging programs, and can work through several avenues of service. It’s exciting for me to be inducting nearly a member a week this month! There are many people in our community that could benefit from membership in Rotary and that we could benefit from them being here. Be thinking about who in your circle would be a good fit to join Rotary. And invite them to check us out!

Key events for your calendar:

  • Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  We’ll need help on committees, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to this awesome event!
  • District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  As the Home Club of the District Governor, Renee Campbell, we also have the opportunity to host this year’s meeting. Please look for your chance to pitch in to help make a memorable meeting for our Rotary District!

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 17 – Willamette Heritage Center

Program – Congressman Kurt Schrader

It’s an understatement to say these are interesting times in our nation’s capital. Congressman Kurt Schrader will share his perspective about this session of Congress and the atmosphere that surrounds Washington, D.C.

Program Chair: John McCulley

Weekly Newsletter | October 10, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hola, Rotary Friends!
After joining the Rotary Club of Salem, there was a neat little brochure I found in my packet. Of the many nuggets in it is “The Benefits of Rotary” – which are significant:
  • It broadens your circle of friends and business associates;
  • It provides opportunities to serve your local and international community;
  • It creates a global kinship; and,
  • It develops leadership skills.
Our fellowship through Rotary is tremendous – broadening our sphere, serving others, being a part of a worldwide effort for goodwill, and developing ourselves. Keep on the lookout for others you think could enjoy these benefits by being a member of Rotary!
Outstanding recent happenings!
-SRF Chili Contest, “Don’t StopBelievin’!” What a fun evening of camaraderie, chili, and a concert! A great way to thank this past year’s donors and supporters that enable us to do Good Works in our community . . . and beyond! Hats off to Dawn Bostwick for her leadership putting this together! Thanks to those that attended and to our chefs – c’est magnifique!
-Rotary Triathlon of Salem. A great start for a new annual event, highlighting our natural area next to downtown, encouraging fitness, and establishing a great event for the future. Thanks to the army of Rotarians that came together to volunteer and participate. And high praise to John Shirley for his vision and leadership on this outstanding event! Thanks to our partners at South Salem Rotary for their collaboration and leadership – well done, Robert Chandler!
Key events for your calendar:
Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  You can help by serving on a committee, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to this awesome event!
-District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  We’re privileged this year to be the Home Club of the District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!
I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 11 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Vagabond Brewing


Come hear about Vagabond Brewing, a Salem craft brewery. Founded by three longtime friends and Marine Corps combat veterans, Vagabond is as much about beer as it is about love and family. After serving their country the better part of a decade during a time of war, the owners set out to find their path. Come here about where that path led.

Program Chair: Chuck Swank

Weekly Newsletter | October 3, 2017

Message from President Bruce
Hallo, Rotary Friends!
You likely heard that our Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Project reached a key milestone as the BasketWeave design by CB|Two Architects was selected as the preferred design by the City Rotary Amphitheater Design Committee. Now it’s onto the Parks Board and then to the Salem City Council for final approval. This is an exciting moment in our club’s history!
Thanks to fellow Salem Rotarians and their firms for their generous donation of time, resources, and incredible designs: Anderson Shirley Architects, AC & Co. Architecture Community, and CB|Two Architects. Something I want to highlight from this process: the great examples by our members from these firms of “Service Above Self” as well as demonstrating their commitment to Rotary through the Four Way Test. Well done and thank you!
This past week, we heard from Good Works event Co-Chairs Tammy Dennee and Jenn Columbus about ways we can get involved with this year’s Good Works fundraising efforts. There’s a lot to do as we prepare for a successful event in February. Talk to Tammy, Jenn, or Chane Griggs to help out!
Be sure these events are on your schedule:
Good Works Event, Feb 10, 2018.  Help by being on a committee, inviting friends outside the club to attend, and coming to that awesome event!
District 5100 Conference in Salem, May 17-20, 2018.  We’re privileged this year to be the Home Club of the District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!
I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
October 4 – Salem Convention Center
Program –  State of Foster Care in Marion County
We will discuss basic data about children in the foster care system, the trends driving the decrease in available foster homes, the top reasons for children coming into care, and most importantly, the myriad of ways the community can help care for OUR children.

Our speaker, Ormond Fredricks

District 3 Child Welfare Manager
Department of Human Services
Program Chair: Shaney Starr

Weekly Newsletter | September 26, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hi, dear Rotary Friends!

The Object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise . . .” Another great declaration about what we Rotarians are about!

How are you serving? Have you found your niche? Or is it time for a new challenge? Well, Rotary Club of Salem (“A Club that gets things done!”) has several areas of service. . .
Rotary Triathlon of Salem, Sunday, Oct. 1. Our event leaders need more volunteers to help the morning of this race. Can you lend a hand? Please sign up here. We really you need you!
Interact and Rotaract. Two clubs for younger folks (high school, young pros) our club sponsors. We need folks to guide and mentor these groups of neat people. Please see Fara Etzel if you can lend a hand. Maybe this is your area!
-Rotary Blood Drive, Oct. 17. See Tim Nissen to register.
-Committees, committeesClick here for service opportunities. Your time and help in these areas of our club is appreciated!

Coming attractions for your volunteer schedule:
-Good Works event, Feb 10, 2018. As the City’s Selection Committee has made their decision on the Centennial Amphitheater Design, things continue to move forward on fundraising and event planning. You can help by serving on a committee and coming to what will be an amazing event!
-District 5100 Conference, Salem, May 17-20, 2018. We’re privileged and honored to be the Host Club for our District Governor – our own, Renee Campbell! And to be hosting this year’s meeting, too! We’ll be coming to you for your chance to help out with this great event!

DON’T FORGET . . .this month’s Bellringers are being enhanced by matching dollars from some of our fellow Salem Rotarians! It’s a great time to get yours at this week’s meeting!  Please get this week’s Bellringer information to Dale Penn at

See you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 27 – Willamette Heritage Center
Program – Positive Coaching Alliance

Ben Dudley, of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) will tell us about his organization’s mission to transform the culture of youth sports so that kids can have a positive, character-building experience.

Founded at Stanford University, PC

A provides research-based training for leaders, coaches, parents and athletes that has reached almost 9 million kids. Ben Dudley is Executive Director of PCA’s Portland chapter.

Program Chair: Larry Gray


Weekly Newsletter | September 19, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hey Howdy Hey, Salem Rotarians!

It’s great to be a part of Rotary, isn’t it? This year’s theme declares, “Rotary, Making a Difference.” Through our own Salem Rotary Foundation, we are making a difference right here in our community. Earlier this year, SRF awarded grants for some pretty basic things that we’ll hear about this week – meds for low income people, encouragement for people with addiction issues trying to turn-around their lives, support for kids, and much more.  Touching lives in this way is quite humbling and makes me proud to be a Rotarian.

You all, through your generous donations, are the reason we’re able to make these awesome things happen . . . be that through Bellringers, buying raffle tickets at lunch, direct donations to SRF, including SRF in your Will, and coming to and buying a package (or two or three) at our annual Good Works event in February 2018. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

DON’T FORGET . . . this month’s Bellringers are being enhanced by matching dollars from some of our fellow Salem Rotarians! It’s a great time to get yours at this week’s meeting!

I’ll see you at Rotary!


Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 20 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Salem Rotary Foundation

It’s Foundation Month and we’ll hear about our own Salem Rotary Foundation.

Program Chair: Doug Parham


Weekly Newsletter | September 12, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hiya, fellow Salem Rotarians!

I find tremendous refuge week in and week out at our Rotary meetings. Do you? I hope so. Be it the warm fellowship, the intriguing speakers and programs, the music and songs, hearing about the good news and activities in our community, or the opportunities for service. In these times of turmoil at home and abroad, with the huge number of natural disasters occurring, I pause, step back and give thanks. Thank you all for making our Rotary Club such a wonderful place to come to and be a part of!

One thing I want to highlight this week is something that is so special about Rotary: The Four-Way Test. Have you looked at it recently? It’s an incredible standard that not everyone in business and society adheres to.

“The Four-Way Test is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian ethical guide for Rotarians to use for their personal and professional relationships. The test has been translated into more than 100 languages, and Rotarians recite it at club meetings:
“Of the things we think, say or do
1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”

We can be proud of what we stand for and the good we do in Salem and around the world! I’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 13 – Salem Convention Center
Program – Senator Jackie Winters
Senator Jackie Winters will provide her perspective on the recently concluded legislative session. A member of the Legislature since 1999, Sen. Winters is completing her fourth term in the State Senate representing citizens in a sprawling legislative district that includes many parts of Salem, West Salem and surrounding areas. Currently she holds the position as the Senate Chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Public Safety and also sits on the Ways and Means  Subcommittee on Human Services. A long time Salem resident, Senator Winters is a champion for small business and serves on the board of many non-profit organizations.

Weekly Newsletter | September 5, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Well, September has arrived – one of those transition periods during the year, as we move out of summer vacation months and into a new school year and fall sports.

September is also “Salem Rotary Foundation Month,” where we focus on the impact SRF has made in our community in the lives of children and adults. As a matter of fact, at this month’s meetings you’ll hear from amazing local organizations that have received our small grants, groups that benefited from our larger Good Works award, and then one we are presently working on – the Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage Project!

These projects only come about because of the generous donations from you and fellow club members to our own Salem Rotary Foundation which does amazing things in our community. As we traditionally do for SRF month, we all will have chance to kick in some extra during our weekly Bellringers – which will be enhanced by matching dollars from some generous Salem Rotarians! So, let’s pitch in a little (or a lot, if your finances permit) and combined, we can continue to make a difference in this community to benefit those that need help.

By the way, this week’s program about our Rotary Centennial Stage would be an ideal meeting to bring potential members you’ve been considering for membership in Rotary!

In re: support for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. If you’re interested in helping support relief efforts, there are many relief organizations out there, such as the American Red Cross, Shelter Box, or the Salvation Army. DG Renee Campbell forwarded info on how we as Salem Rotarians can support the Texas and Louisiana Rotary Districts in the areas hardest hit which have disaster relief funds set up for the longer-term rebuilding process when the waters recede:
“Our Zone newsletter published this article with the information on how you may donate directly to these district funds. To show our collective support in District 5100, we would be happy to collect your gifts at the District Office and send them to the respective funds. District 5100 will also be making a gift from our Rotary Foundation grant funds earmarked for disaster relief. I have personally talked with one of my classmates in Texas, who shared with me that each of these 501(c)3 funds has an application process and review committee for all requested funds for relief, so there is infrastructure in place, and accountability for the money spent.  Each will send the donor a receipt upon request (automatically for gifts of $250 or more).”

Tomorrow’s Meeting
September 6- Salem Convention Center
Program – Rotary Amphitheater Update
Club member Ken Van Osdol will provide us with updated information about our Centennial Project — the Amphitheater at Riverfront Park.

Weekly Newsletter | August 29, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Hard to believe summer is winding down, isn’t it? And for those of us parents with kids at home, here’s to another school year kicking off next week!

Speaking of coming events, our next two meetings will focus on major projects our Rotary Club is involved with . . . and would be a great way to introduce people you’ve been thinking about for membership in Rotary:

-Rotary Triathlon of Salem. This Wednesday, August 30, we’re at the Rotary Pavilion for our annual Picnic in the Park. (The weather should be great, by the way!) We’ll get the latest details on the first annual Rotary Triathlon of Salem, occurring October 1 at Riverfront Park which we are co-sponsoring with South Salem Rotary. There are many volunteer spots to fill – can you help out for a few hours on October 1? Come this Wednesday and sign up to help. The planners have an amazing event set that will showcase our park, the two bridges, and our unique location along the Willamette River – and notably, be a great outreach to the community at-large about Rotary!

-Rotary Centennial Amphitheater stage. What an exciting project to celebrate the 100th Anniversary in 2020 of Rotary in Salem – a new stage at the Amphitheater in Riverfront Park! On September 6, you’ll get keen insight and updates on where things are at with this gift to the city that will be an amazing support to this community and help many local groups better utilize this high-visibility location.

Are these exciting and interesting programs or what? Invite people you’ve been talking with about joining Rotary and ask them to come. Let’s expand our circle of members and bring them in to Rotary Club of Salem.  Thanks for your help and we’ll see you at Rotary!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 30 – Rotary Pavilion at Riverfront Park
Program – Rotary Triathlon in Salem

Get the latest updates on the upcoming Rotary Triathlon in Salem!

Program Chair: John Shirley


Weekly Newsletter | August 22, 2017

Message from President Bruce

Amazing programs and projects – we have a lot going on in the Rotary Club of Salem!

Living in the Totality Path of the Solar Eclipse, did you take time on Monday to view this sight? Personally, I cannot find appropriate words to adequately describe it. How fortunate were we in the Salem area to be treated to this heavenly spectacle! I’m reminded of the outstanding preview we got in June from retired astrophysicist Dan Adamo. Thanks again to Linda Wooters for bringing Dan to speak to our club!

Engaging with weekly programs is great but I invite you to join these amazing projects our club is involved with – Rotary Triathlon of Salem, Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage at Riverfront Park, or the Rotary Dictionary Project. The leaders on those projects could really use your help. The Rotary Triathlon taking place October 1 needs more course and set-up volunteers; our Dictionary Project leaders are holding a Labeling Party on August 28 (after the school year starts, these are then ready to hand out to each fourth grader in the greater Salem area); or join the fundraising campaign for the Rotary Centennial Amphitheater Stage as a financial donor.

Thanks for stepping up and helping us do good works in this great community!

Tomorrow’s Meeting
August 23 – Salem Convention Center 
Program – Port of Morrow: Small Town, Big Success, Statewide Impact
Gary Neal, general manager of the Port of Morrow, will join us to share updates and and inside view of the Port of Morrow, Oregon’s second largest port. The Port’s industrial park is served by Columbia River Barging, Union Pacific railroad and Interstate freeways 82 and 84.
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