Welcome to the Rotary Club of Salem!  We are the largest and longest-standing Rotary Club in the Salem, Oregon area. The club was organized in September 1919, and has an official charter date of Jan 1, 1920. Our usual meeting place is the Salem Convention Center, in the heart of downtown Salem, at Noon on Wednesdays. Occasional off-site meetings are held, usually at the Willamette Heritage Center (about 5 minutes away). With almost 200 members, the club is friendly and active. Numerous committees give members ample and diverse opportunities to pursue avenues of service, locally and internationally.


Weekly Newsletter | June 12, 2018

June 12, 2018
June 13 – Salem Convention Center

Program – Child Protection Overview

As Rotarians we interact regularly with in-bound and out-bound Youth Exchange students, as well as many other youths in our community. These interactions pose unique situations for wonderful experiences as well as opportunities for risk. Rotary International feels strongly that all Rotarians be aware of the fundamentals of the Youth Protection Policy and today’s program will explore ways to keep youth safe and reduce risk for the Rotarians interacting with them. Dr. Fara Etzel will provide scenarios and information to raise awareness on this timely subject.
Program Chair: Shaney Starr
Message from President Bruce

Hi, Salem Rotarians!

Last week, I highlighted the importance of clean drinking water given our area’s recent issue with its supply. It has been challenging for many to say the least. Businesses and households alike have had to make significant accommodations. This, though, has been a great learning experience for us all to see a vulnerability in this key system, what is needed to replace that supply, and how we have (or have not) prepared for this emergency.

I want to give a shout-out to the people at the city who have been closely involved in this matter during this crisis. They didn’t create this system or the situation. But they are key people I am thankful for are in place to lead us through this issue towards an eventual solution. That’s what problem-solvers do: when confronted with a challenge, they work to overcome. Rotarians like Steve Powers, our City Manager, and Chuck Bennett, our Mayor – thank you for your leadership and guidance on this important issue for our city. When we clear this emergency, I know they will be working to improve this key system.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

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District 5100 Conference Sponsors | Thank You!

May 15, 2018

The District 5100 Conference is THIS WEEK! It’s finally here! We want to take a moment to sincerely thank each and every one of our sponsors. We simply could not do it without you! Please show them your appreciation by visiting their businesses! To learn more about the conference and check the schedule, click here.

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Update on the Gerry Frank Rotary Amphitheater

May 10, 2018

The Rotary Club of Salem and the City of Salem, after working in close collaboration for over 18 months to develop a structure on the site of the existing Riverfront Park Amphitheater, have agreed that a better location for the Gerry Frank | Rotary Amphitheater is in the currently undeveloped 3.8-acre park property at the southeast end of Riverfront Park.

The new location will be incorporated into the new Riverfront Park Master Plan, which is in its final stages of completion. Only a small distance from the original site, this new location provides additional opportunities to use open space when performances are not taking place.

gerry frank rotary amphitheater

“The City of Salem and the Rotary Club of Salem have formed a strong partnership with this project and we are excited about the opportunities this new location offers to residents and visitors of our city,” said Mayor Chuck Bennett.

Rotary Club of Salem President Bruce Anderson echoed the Mayor’s comments, noting that “our club members and City staff worked towards what we believe is a great solution to completing this part of the Riverfront Park. This new location offers a great site for what will be a landmark for Salem and we look forward to working together to provide a key venue that our community will enjoy well into the future.”

To learn more about the Gerry Frank | Rotary Amphitheater, click here.

Rotary Club of Salem is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 and committed to building a covered and enhanced performance facility at Riverfront Park in support of that milestone, continuing a track record of service to the Salem community.

In 2005, the Rotary Club of Salem donated the Salem Rotary International Centennial Pavilion, also located in Riverfront Park.

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The 2018 Small Grant Window is NOW OPEN!

May 9, 2018

The 2018 Small Grant Application window is now open!

Grants from the Salem Rotary Foundation generally range between $500 to $1,500 each. The hope is to fund projects that directly or indirectly foster, develop, promote, and encourage the health, education, and the general welfare of primarily youth in the city of Salem and the surrounding area.

Applications must be completed by May 31, 2018. 

Click here to access the application and share it with any organization you know that could use some community support from our club!

Want to see who won last year’s small grants? Click here! What to learn more about what the Salem Rotary Foundation does? Click here!


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Plant a Tree for Rotary!

May 2, 2018

Rotary International President Ian Risely has an outstanding challenge — to plant at least 1.2 million trees around the world! That’s one tree for every Rotary member!

Our club helped with efforts to reach that goal on Saturday, April 27, by gathering at Woodscape Park Pathway in Salem to plant some trees! There was a lot of hard work, but also fun and fellowship, to help beautify Salem.

In addition, at last week’s Rotary meeting, nearly all attending members took a tree or two to be a part of the effort. We’re the club that gets things done, after all!


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