Welcome to the Rotary Club of Salem!  We are the largest and longest-standing Rotary Club in the Salem, Oregon area. The club was organized in September 1919, and has an official charter date of Jan 1, 1920. Our usual meeting place is the Salem Convention Center, in the heart of downtown Salem, at Noon on Wednesdays. Occasional off-site meetings are held, usually at the Willamette Heritage Center (about 5 minutes away). With almost 200 members, the club is friendly and active. Numerous committees give members ample and diverse opportunities to pursue avenues of service, locally and internationally.


Weekly Newsletter | March 20, 2018

March 20, 2018
March 21 – Salem Convention Center

Program – 2018 Outlook and Trends in Downtown Salem Commercial Real Estate

Retail businesses and commercial real estate in Downtown Salem and other parts of our community have seen significant changes lately. Where retail is and where it’s going is a moving target – case in point: the recently-announced closure of the downtown Salem Nordstrom’s store, one of the anchor businesses of our downtown. We will hear from one of the top experts, Curt Arthur, Managing Director for Salem’s SVN Commercial Advisors. One of the top commercial realtors in the Willamette Valley, Curt will discuss current trends with a focus on downtown Salem along with providing an outlook for upcoming issues. Read more about Curt.
Program Chair: Warren Bednarz
PresMsgMessage from President Bruce

Howdy, Salem Rotarians!


For me, this came to mind as we hosted my oldest daughter and some of her friends for an overnight at our home during their break from college in LA. They had a great time together at dinner, afterwards playing games and talking, and then, on a trip to Portland the next day.

Well, we have amazing fellowship as Salem Rotarians, don’t we? Wonderful weekly meetings, vocational tours (next up: Swiftcare in West Salem; social time afterwards at Xicha Brewing [thanks, Claudia Vorse]), firesides (thank you, Teresa Lulay), blood drives (thanks, Tim Nissen), bell ringing for the Salvation Army (thanks, Fred Gates and Capt. Dan), Hands-on Projects (thanks, Sue Bloom), our Winer activities (thanks, Holly Berry and crew), and many more. And, why are these so darn great times? A few reasons: they’re activities where we’re working to help others, raise funds for good causes, or where we’re coming together to simply enjoy the company of neat people who share the common goals, objective, and mission of Rotary.

Thank you all for our time together in fellowship in this distinct organization – standing for truth and fairness, building goodwill and bettering friendships, and serving others.

I’ll see you at Rotary!

Click here to read more.

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New Member Feature: Zack Reitan

February 8, 2018

Tis the season, it seems! We had the great pleasure of adding another new member to our throng last week. Get to know more about Zack by reading his intro, as shared by his sponsor, Barry Nelson.

Zack was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest— San Juan Islands to be specific. Having grown up in a very small town, community has been a large focus for Zack since he was young.

During High School, he met a couple guys from Salem at a YoungLife camp in Eastern Oregon and stayed in contact with them. After high school, he moved to the Salem area to reconnect with the friends he made at YoungLife and absolutely fell in love with the area.

Being an adventurous person, Zack loved having so many outdoor attractions in the valley and its’ surrounding areas. He enjoys snowboarding, hiking, kayaking as well as camping. In addition, he loves the people with whom he is connected.

He started his first job ( in the Salem area ) in retail and quickly worked up to management. After fully committing to retail, Zack realized that the harsh hours and holiday rushes were not his “forever” job path. So… he followed in his mother’s footsteps and started his first role in banking as a Teller at US Bank. Over the course of the last 5 years, Zack has become well integrated in the banking industry and now manages the Willamette Valley Bank here in Downtown Salem.

During his development in Salem, he met his beautiful wife, Kayla and is now the father of his first child… his daughter, Blake. Having his friends and family in Salem, Zack and his wife plan on keeping their roots right here. In fact, they are in the process of persuading his parents to transition to the area! They are extremely excited for the growth that we’ve seen in the area and can’t wait to watch as some of the new industries, buildings and opportunities develop here in the valley.

Zack is constantly pushing himself to learn more. He has a passion for creative business and often studies marketing and advertising. He is a firm believer in the idea that you are a sum total of your five closest friends, so he is always looking to surround himself with people who are like-minded and looking to grow their own knowledge and sphere.

Zack is excited to join Rotary and hopes that he’s able to engage in some really fun, meaningful and powerful projects over the coming years. It was the amphitheater project that piqued his interest in the club!  He wants Salem to be as wonderful for his children as it is today, if not better. His goal is to simply be a part of moving the needle forward.

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New Member Feature: Quinn Burke

January 31, 2018

We were pleased to welcome back an old friend into our Rotary club during today’s meeting. Get to know more about Quinn by reading this introduction, as read by his sponsor, Lauren Gutierrez.

John Shirley brought Quinn into our club in early 2013 and he left club in Fall of 2014 when a career change led him to work out of Salem.

Did some math…

182 members in the club

66 members have joined since Quinn departed

36% of you haven’t met Quinn, but 64% HAVE met him

So – we’re going to focus 64% of this introduction on what has happened since Quinn was last a member.

The 36%

Quinn Grew up in Salem and attended South Salem HS and has an MBA from Willamette. He was a VP at Union Gospel Mission when he was with us previously.

The 64%

Quinn spent a couple years working as an operations/project manager at a residential development and construction company in Monmouth and is now back in Salem working as a residential real estate agent with Harvey Realty Group. He and his wife Katy added to their family roster in 2016 – Maxwell Quinn Burke was born July 26th, 2016 – a future Rotarian!

Quinn and Katy traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia pre-baby but Max has racked up the frequent flier miles with them – he has been on 16 flights since arriving 18 months ago!

Quinn is a member of the Salem Leadership Foundation board and is on the board of and teaches Business Launch classes for MERIT, a non-profit that helps empower people to be self-sufficient through entrepreneurship. He enjoys cycling, photography, and everything wine – he’ll fit right in! Ask him about his wine club membership, it’s not what you may think!

I was honored to propose Quinn for ‘re-membership’ and am so looking forward to having him back in our club. He is a Rotarian through and though and knows what it takes to get things done. For the 36% of you out there who don’t know him yet, I’m sure you’ll enjoy him as much as I do!

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New Member Feature | Chi Win-Ventura

January 29, 2018

 It’s that time again, time to welcome yet another member into our club. Get to know more about Chi by reading over her introduction, as delivered by her sponsor, Dawn Bostwick.

Chi was born in Vietnam. She and her family immigrated to the U.S. in 1990 to seek political asylum. Her grandfather served as Colonel in the Army Rangers before taken in as a POW for fighting alongside the US.

Chi graduated Valedictorian from Madison High School in Portland. She was awarded Oregon State University’s most prestigious award, the Presidential Scholarship which afforded her the ability to attend college. Chi majored in Business, minored in Visual Arts, and completed with an Honors Bachelor of Science. In 2004, Chi studied abroad in Norway at the University of Adger for her International Business option. After working for five years in advertising and then automotive, she received her MBA with honors from Willamette University. Her successful business today is a result of her thesis. Chi serves as Contributing Assistant Professor, part-time, at Willamette University, assisting MBA students with their own thesis projects.

Chi’s business, AutoMedic, serves a niche business. Her business has quick mobile response to detailing and servicing vehicles at the customer’s site. Some of her customers are Zipcar, Port of Portland, BLM, KOIN TV and KGW fleets. A lot of her clients do not have time to take their vehicles out of use, and Chi found a need for quick response for detailing and servicing autos, and has built a successful business serving these needs.

Chi served as a city councilor in King City and was a charter member of Portland New Generations Rotary Club. Chi and her wife moved their family to Salem in July 2016. They have two children, Alexander who is 3, and Isabel who is 1 ½. Their household is completed with several family members who they rescued from the Humane Society – dachshunds Grimm & Katie.

Fun fact – Governor Kate Brown officiated their wedding on a rooftop terrace in the Pearl District in the summer of 2011.

Chi is energetic, super intelligent, and her heart is in serving others. We are adding a fabulous new member to our club!

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Statesman Journal: Setting the Stage Fundraiser

January 24, 2018

We were proud to be featured in the Statesman Journal to help spread the news about our upcoming GoodWorks fundraiser, “Setting the Stage” on February 10th. Learn more about the event by reading the Statesman Journal article here, or by clicking here.

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The 2016 - 2017 Gold Star Report is here!

December 21, 2017

Every year, our club looks back on all the accomplishments made during the Rotary calendar year (July 1 – June 30).

Check out the 2016-2017 Gold Star report from Past President Steve Ickes year by clicking here!

Big thank you to our club Secretary, Holly Berry for her hard work on this.

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